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    We are excited to announce the new community choir 'The Tessituras'.

    The Tessituras is a community choir for all who love to sing. All community local members, as well asTabor Staff/Students are welcome to be involved. The choir sings a mixture of repertoire including jazz, contemporary and classical music. 

    The Tessituras rehearse Monday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in the Chapel at Tabor Adelaide. A cost of $5 per week covers a cup of tea/coffee, sheet music, printing and any other associated costs for the choir. No cost for Tabor students. We recommend you come each week if you can rather than sporadically. The cost also covers membership for the choir with ANCA (Australian National Choral Association).

    The aim of the Tessitura Choir is to engage in good quality repertoire, extend the community's appreciation of music, and develop a professional choral sound. It is underpinned by a Kodály approach to music, which will embed music literary and musical knowledge within the practical sessions. You will  come out after the first 11 weeks not only singing in harmony, but learn to understand music a little better. It is for men and women of all vocal ranges, hence the name "Tessitura" meaning "vocal range"; suitable for singers and musicians from all walks of life.

    The choir director Dr. Janelle Fletcher, has a love of singing and choral works. She has worked with a wide variety of choirs for competitions and community events.

    So on your way home from work, call in for some singing to enrich your soul! 

    The first night, free of charge, is on the 7th of March 2016. Bring a friend, come along and try!
    Hope to see you there.
    Contact: Janelle  0408 827 603

    Tessituras webpage link:

    Music Showcase

     Unley Town Hall, 6:30pm for 7:00pm, on November 11th (pls note new date).

    Online booking

    Facebook event invite

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    Rehearsal Schedule

    music standPlease note the MUSIC SHOWCASE is now November the 11th. (no rehearsals after this date)

    Cost is $5 per week. Please bring your 'subs' each week. 

    No cost for Tabor students.

    If it is your first night, no need to pay.

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      Why a choir at Tabor?

      The Tessituras is a community choir and all people in the local community are welcome.

      The choir uses Tabor's facilities as the director, Janelle Fletcher, is the Music Coordinator at Tabor. Using their facilities allows the choir to have a venue, insurance, access to music, and printing. It is also a chance for Tabor staff and students to be able to sing in a choir on campus.   Janelle established the choir after many people over the last year suggested wanting to join a choir in that area. Why not use our God given instrument, our voice, to join together and sing!

      The music will cover a range of choral works from canons, folk songs, jazz music, classical music, contemporary works and popular tunes. Janelle is open to feedback on repertoire but aims to provide a variety to suit all people.   The choir is not-for-profit.

      It is aimed that the choir will be available to perform in the community as the need arises, such as at Aged Care Facilities, hospitals, and community events. Got an idea? Send Janelle an email. 

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        About the Choral Director

        Phone: 8373 8786

        Dr Janelle Fletcher (nee Colville) is Music Co-ordintator and Senior Lecturer of Music at Tabor Adelaide. She commenced at Tabor in January 2016.

        Janelle holds a PhD in Music Education from The University of Queensland, a Masters Degree in Music Studies and Post-Graduate studies in Catholic Education.  Janelle also lecturers in Music at Adelaide University and is a Research Fellow with The University of Queensland. 

        Janelle has presented her research in a variety of national and international conferences including the Interdisciplinary Conference at Oxford University (UK), ISME World Conferences in Greece and Italy, and Asia Pacific Society of Music Education Research Conference in Hong Kong. Janelle’s research interest includes adolescent identity work and music education, religious music, Catholic Education, and Kodaly Pedagogy.

        As president of the Kodály Music Education branch of South Australia (, Janelle recognises the importance of music, especially singing, as a way to enhance social, emotional and intellectual well-being.

        Janelle will be co-ordinating The Tessituras, a community choir held at Tabor on Monday's night, commencing in March. Janelle has a love of singing and conducting choirs. She has worked with a broad range of repertoire and choirs, for competitions and community  events. 

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          ANCA Institutional Membership

          For our regular members, being apart of Tessituras and the cost of fees includes an institution membership for ANCA - Australian National Choral Association. This allows the choir to register on the choir database for South Australia and offers many other benefits for members and the choir including:

          • - discounts to festivals, workshops and performances
          • - receiving choral newsletters and magazines
          • - public liability and insurance
          • - And many other choral associated news and events.
          See for more details   OR click here:  'Tessituras'  to see the choir details on ANCA. 

          Solfege (Kodaly) guide for reading music:

          do re mi fa so la ti do

          music scales

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