This subject examines and explores an integrated understanding of Indigenous and Diaspora (Asylum Seekers) communities in the Australian society and the importance of understanding these cultural groups and employing cultural intelligence and sensitivity for practice. This subject will do this by exploring Aboriginal peoples and Asylum Seekers past and present as well as assessing personal practice within the particular human settings relevant to the student (e.g. Youth work, counselling), in terms of closing the gap between these marginalised groups and dominant cultures in Australian society. It will assess how the principles and practices of cultural understanding, intelligence and cultural sensitivity can be applied in a community/clinical setting and finally it will give students the opportunity to engage and explore the concepts of cultural difference specific to humility, respect, thoughtfulness and an openness to learn concepts such as white dominance and how the latter can interfere and dismantle cultural understanding and cultural treaty. This subject’s main aim is to lead students to a new appreciation and readiness for honest and cultural engagement with integrity, and a readiness to understand that socially constructed labels only serve to divide.