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Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 6:16 AM

1. What is Mahara and where to access it?

What is Mahara?

Tabor offers Mahara as a digital portfolio tool for students and alumni.  An ePortfolio is a system in which students collate evidence of their lifelong learning. These can include journals, resumes, cover letters, essays/reports, artwork/images, certificates, videos etc.  e-Portfolios rely on digital media to make them engaging.  Utilising the features and functions of Mahara in interesting and creative ways will go a long way towards your audience engaging with it.

At Tabor, Mahara is also used at times as a alternative method of delivering the student's assessment.

Where do I access Mahara within Tabor Online?

Once logged into Tabor Online, you can access Mahara e-portfolio via Student Resources on the main menu (as per screenshot)

Where to access Mahara

Please click the <> arrows below to progress through this guidebook or alternatively, access the chapters on the right-hand menu. You can skip ahead if you want to or go back to revisit any content.

Let's start by 'Creating a new page: giving your page a title and setting the layout'. Click > below to progress.

2. Creating a new page: giving your page a title and setting the layout

You create a new page in your portfolio when you want to collate your evidence and content and display it. The instructions below step you through 'Creating a new page, giving it a title and setting the layout of the page'. Watch the video below or follow the steps below to become familiar with the process as you will use them again with every new page you create.

'Creating a new page and giving it a title'

  1. From your Mahara Dashboard, click on the menu icon (3-horizontal bars top right of screen), and select Portfolio (orange option) from the drop-down, and then Pages and Collection
  2. You will be taken to the Pages and collections page, where you need to click the +Add button. Select Page from the next prompt.
  3. Page title 'Provide a title for your page. This field cannot be left empty. (If you do not enter a title, the default name “Untitled” will appear).
  4. Scroll down and click on the Layout option.
  5. You will see 3 options: 1 row, 2 row, 3 row and Create custom layout.

    The layout editor is very flexible and allows you to design your page layout in columns and rows. Be careful when choosing (4) or more columns. Your portfolio page may look very good on your big screen, but a viewer looking at it on a smaller screen (mobile or tablet) may not have the same experience. In most cases, up to (3) columns is the best choice.

    Select the layout that suits you and click Save, which takes you to the preview screen. You can always go back and change the layout if the one you chose didn't turn out the way you liked.

  6. You will now see an area that contains a toolbar to the left (Text, Image, Media etc), and a menu to the top right (Settings, Edit, Share) and a preview area of your page. It should be blank but as we add content to it, you will see it populate.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Adding text to your page'. 

3. Creating a page: adding text to your page.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Embedding videos to your page'. 

4. Creating a page: embedding videos to your page.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Adding images to your page'. 

5. Creating a page: adding images to your page

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Creating and displaying a Journal on your page'.

6. Creating a page - creating and displaying a Journal on your page

NOTE. You can skip this step if you are not required to develop a journal for your Mahara assessment.

Journals allow you to reflect on aspects of your learning. You can add Journal Entries to Pages you share, or keep a private Journal. You may be asked to keep a Journal, reflecting on your learning over the course.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Combining your Pages into a Collection'. 

7. Combining your Pages into a Collection

Once you have created your pages, bringing them together into a collection for submission is very simple. Think of it as stapling your pages into a book so everything is together and sequential.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
 below as we progress to ''Sharing and Submitting your Mahara assessment'.

8. Sharing and Submitting your Mahara assessment

9. FAQ

In this area, we will cover some common questions that may have or may not have been covered in the previous chapters.

Q. Once we complete our studies at Tabor, do we still have access to our Mahara ePortfolio?
A. Yes. - once you graduate, your access to Tabor Online will still be valid where you will be able to access Mahara and Gmail.

Q. I know how to create a new page, am I able to copy an existing page?
A. Yes - there are multiple reasons why you would want to copy an existing page (ie to use the same page in a new collection or to save you time creating an additional page that has similar content and layout). To copy a page, under Portfolio > Pages and Collection, instead of + Add, you click on Copy. This will allow you to do a search for an existing page or collection to copy.

Q. Once I submit my Mahara assignment, am I able to make any changes to it?
A. When your Mahara assignment is submitted in Tabor Online, it is locked for further editing. Only when your teacher has graded it, will it become unlocked to allow further edits.

Q. Can anyone see my Mahara Portfolio while I am creating it?
A. No, whilst you are building your pages or collection, your Mahara portfolio is viewable by yourself only. Only once your share it to your desired viewer (ie your teacher or fellow class members), then it will available to them.

Q. This takes me to my next question, can I share this to someone outside of Tabor for reasons such as a job application?
A. Yes, under Portfolio> Pages and Collection, if you click on the padlock icon associated to your page or collection, and select Manage Access. This area will allow you to create a Secret URL. You can copy and paste this URL and share. Anyone with this URL will be able to view your Mahara Portfolio. The benefits with this URL is that you can email it to someone, place it in your email signature to help promote yourself, link it to different Social Media platforms to allow your network of friends to view it etc. The video below will instruct you on how to do this.

Q. How much allocated space is provided for our file uploads to Mahara?
A. Each user is given 500mB. This may not sound like much but the items we embed to our Mahara pages should not take up too much space. Videos and audios are not uploaded to Mahara directly. We grab the video or audio links from sites such as YouTube and this method saves us lots of space. Word documents and PDFs don't take up much space and images can be cropped or compressed (have its quality reduced) before being uploaded.

If you require more space, please let us know and we will facilitate that for you.