Mahara Digital Guidebook

2. Creating a new page: giving your page a title and setting the layout

You create a new page in your portfolio when you want to collate your evidence and content and display it. The instructions below step you through 'Creating a new page, giving it a title and setting the layout of the page'. Watch the video below or follow the steps below to become familiar with the process as you will use them again with every new page you create.

'Creating a new page and giving it a title'

  1. From your Mahara Dashboard, click on the menu icon (3-horizontal bars top right of screen), and select Portfolio (orange option) from the drop-down, and then Pages and Collection
  2. You will be taken to the Pages and collections page, where you need to click the +Add button. Select Page from the next prompt.
  3. Page title 'Provide a title for your page. This field cannot be left empty. (If you do not enter a title, the default name “Untitled” will appear).
  4. Scroll down and click on the Layout option.
  5. You will see 3 options: 1 row, 2 row, 3 row and Create custom layout.

    The layout editor is very flexible and allows you to design your page layout in columns and rows. Be careful when choosing (4) or more columns. Your portfolio page may look very good on your big screen, but a viewer looking at it on a smaller screen (mobile or tablet) may not have the same experience. In most cases, up to (3) columns is the best choice.

    Select the layout that suits you and click Save, which takes you to the preview screen. You can always go back and change the layout if the one you chose didn't turn out the way you liked.

  6. You will now see an area that contains a toolbar to the left (Text, Image, Media etc), and a menu to the top right (Settings, Edit, Share) and a preview area of your page. It should be blank but as we add content to it, you will see it populate.

We are done for this stage. Click on 
> below as we progress to 'Adding text to your page'.