5. Storage Space on Zotero

Zotero Storage Space

All Zotero users have access to 300MB of free storage.

While citations don't take up much storage space,  be aware that PDF's, images and other files can take up space

Tabor does not have a Zotero storage plan available for staff or students. 

If you require extra storage, it is possible to purchase more, see the Zotero File Storage website for more information.

To free up space, move PDF's and other documents to another storage area.  

Storing Your Documents

 Tabor students and staff can store documents in the cloud using Google Drive. More information on how to access your Google Drive account is available on Tabor Online on the Student Helpdesk site.

Zotero does not recommended syncing from Zotero to Dropbox or Google Drive as database corruption can occur. More information can be found on Zotero's syncing information page.

Low Cost Alternatives to Storing Files

Look at other cloud based storage solutions which work with Zotero. Visit Zotero's list of WebDAV services for more information.