New Students: Induction to Tabor's online environment

Welcome to Tabor, and to our Online Learning Environment!  We trust your studies at Tabor are richly rewarding!

You have arrived at the Student Helpdesk: the section called Intro to the Online Environment, and the page called:  New Students Induction.  Before you read through this page, we do encourage you to click on the Student Helpdesk link above, along the purple line (as pictured just below).   You will then see Student Helpdesk as a whole, and will know to come back to it as you need information.  Note - you can do a right mouse click on the Student Helpdesk link above, to open in a new tab/window.

The Student Helpdesk explains various aspects of Tabor's online learning environment, which includes Tabor Online, Gmail and Google Apps, and Mahara, and you are encouraged to work through the various sections.  You will have access to this Helpdesk as long as you are a current student. 

You are also strongly encouraged to access the preparatory and practice site for new students: 

For Higher Ed students starting in Semester 2 2018:   Introduction to Tabor Online

For Higher Ed students starting in Semester 1 2018:   Introduction to Tabor Online

For Higher Ed students starting in Semester 2 2017:  Introduction to Tabor Online.

These preparatory sites will explain much the same aspects and functions as the pages in this Student Helpdesk, but will also give you exercises to practice, eg. making a forum post, submitting an assignment, sending an online message, etc.  which many new students find helpful. 

  You are strongly encouraged to do the practice exercises, especially if you are a bit unsure about these functions. 

You will only have access to Intro to Tabor Online site for your the first year of your course, but you will have access to this Induction and the whole Helpdesk for the duration of your course.  If you do not have access to your Introduction to Tabor Online site, please send us a Helpdesk ticket. 

Tabor Online is a Learning Management System (LMS) that has been created using software called Moodle. You may hear students or lecturers referring to Tabor Online as 'Moodle'.   For your interest Moodle stands for:  Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, and was created by an Australian! 

Each subject you enrol in will have a 'course' homepage within Tabor Online.  Note that Tabor Online calls a subject (or any site you have access to) a 'course'.  Depending on how your subject has been set up, you will be able to:

  • Download - subject description, lecture audio, lecture notes and presentations etc.
  • Interact - through forums, online chat, blogs etc.
  • Submit assignments
  • Check feedback on marked assignments, and your grade for an assignment

  NOTE:  In general subject sites are accessible to students enrolled in the subject, during Orientation week for the semester.   It is important to order text books earlier than that however, so please see your main texts booklist on your School Student Centre, or in the Library Site.   Check the main texts booklists link underneath Information for students.

If in doubt as to what your main text are, please contact your School Admin staff.

There are also second hand book forums on your School Student Centre, and in the Library site.  Many students buy and sell text books in the lead up to the next semester.  Check this helpful page  in the Library Site  also, for suggestions on where to order text books. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 12:22 PM