Home Page, your Dashboard and Subject Listing

Home Page and Initial Navigation:

  • You should see blocks on the right hand side of the Home page, under the slides and images.  The blocks are:  Navigation; Network servers (Mahara); YourTutor; and Paradigm Login for Students. 
    If you can't see these blocks, they are hidden; to unhide go to the Show/Hide blocks icon, just to the right of the Helpdesk tab:   
    Click on this and scroll back down the page and you will see the blocks.
  • To access your subject sites, and other sites you have access to, there are several ways:
    • Click on your name by the Log in spot, and on Dashboard.
    • Or go to School & Subject Listing tab, and click on 'Your own current subjects'.
    • Or Go to Student Resources tab, and click on 'Your current subjects'. 
    • Or go to the Navigation block on the right hand side, and click on Dashboard; or on My courses - see further below under Navigation. 
      All of these paths take you to your Dashboard, which lists sites you have access to.
      Note: You subject sites, in general, will not be available until Orientation week  for each Semester.
  • Navigation block displays:
    • Your Dashboard:  your personal page displaying links to the subjects and sites a user has access to, and activity information (such as unread forum posts and upcoming assignments).  See further about your Dashboard on the next page:  The Student's Dashboard.
    • Site pages: links to site pages and resources from the front page of Tabor Online (you probably won't need to access this link often).
    • My courses lists all sites you have current access to.  Click on the name of a  subject/site to access the site, but click on the small arrow to the left of the name to expand the content; click on the section name to expand that section.  You can then gain quick access to the content in that section, without having to go to the subject site.
  • Check out the menu under each tab, especially Student Resources.  These resources are there for students to use!
  • Access your student Gmail inbox, at the Gmail & Google Drive tab; click on Gmail.  Note that all students also have a Google Drive account, which is connected to their Gmail.
  • YourTutor:  This is for students to use - real live tutors to help you with academic writing, grammar skills, structuring assignments, etc. 
    • Access under Student Resources, or Helpdesk tabs
    • Or on Home page and the YourTutor block
    • Or on your Dashboard and YourTutor block
      You do not need another log in to access YourTutor.
  • Paradigm Login for Students: this is where you will access your student records: course, and subjects you are enrolled in, completed subjects and final grade, academic transcript, etc. 
    Access this at:
    • Student Resources tab - last item in that menu
    • Or under your Dashboard, and the Paradigm Log in for Students block
    • Or Home page, and Paradigm Log in for Students block on the right
      You should not need a further log in to access your record.
  • Mahara:  This is an online portfolio and all students automatically have an account.  You can start populating this whenever you would like to, but in some of your subjects there will be Mahara assignments.  Access under:
    • Student Resources tab
    • Or on Home page, or your Dashboard, and under the Network servers tab. 
      See further on Mahara here  and the other pages in that section.

Video:  Initial navigation and finding your subject sites

Video:  Navigation block


Note:  you will not need a further log in for Gmail, Google Drive, Paradigm (Student Records), Mahara, or YourTutor.   Once you are logged into Tabor Online, you will get direct access these student resources. 

For more on navigating, and using Tabor Online, see Introduction to Tabor Online: 

Also see this page:  Navigation of a subject site,  which is in this Student Helpdesk, section Subject Sites.

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