Profile and Resetting your Password

Viewing your profile:

Students are able to view their profile from either of two areas, both of which are available on any page on Tabor Online.  Some elements can be edited by the student, but not all - see further below.


  1. Log into Tabor Online
  2. Click on your name, or photo, at the top left hand corner, where you logged in.
  3. Click on Profile.


  1. Click on Dashboard, under the Navigation block.  Your Dashboard is your personal page.
  2. Click on your photo, under Logged in user block.
Editing your profile: 
  • You are unable to edit your username, your student Gmail address, or your name in Tabor Online.
  • To change your name, contact Student Services. 
  • Student Gmail email addresses can never be changed, although if you change your personal email address please advise via the Change of personal details form - see next point. 
  • To change your address, phone number, etc. fill in the Change of Personal Details form.  This form is found under Helpdesk tab, and Contact Us. This will update your record in Paradigm (Student Records).
  • You can change the other fields to suit your needs and preferences: 
To edit profile:
  1. Go to your profile (see above, viewing your profile)
  2. Click on Edit profile.
  3. Change as required, or enter text, e.g. in the Description field.
  4. You are encouraged to add your photo: please make this an actual photo of yourself, and it also needs to be a reasonably close up one.
  5. You can add via the drag and drop method, to the New picture text field;  or use the Add button, in the to left corner of the photo text box, to browse your files.
  6. If you want to change your photo, click the Delete box before adding another photo.
  7. Note that once you have entered your 2 security questions and answers, they will appear in the Optional field, so this is where you will change them should you wish to do so.   (Note currently Tabor Online is not prompting the new student to enter security questions). 
  8. Click Update profile on completion.

Note: you do not change your password, under your profile: see below to do this. 

Change/Edit other elements under Preferences, including password change:
  1. Click on your name or photo, by the log in spot.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. To change password: click on Change password.  Enter your current password, and your new choice twice, and Save changes.
  4. Forum preferences:
    1. All forum posts made in your sites, in the past 24 hours, are sent to your student Gmail in the Forum Daily Digest. You can elect to receive these individually if you prefer, soon after then have been made: set Email digest type as: No digest.  You may also prefer the third option - subjects only rather than the full forum text in your daily digest.
    2. You can also reset the other fields here; we do recommend that you leave Forum auto-subscribe as Yes, however.
      See further here on changing preferences.
  5. We do not recommend changing other settings under Preferences unless you are sure what they mean, and what the change will affect.  If unsure please send a Helpdesk ticket  to speak to one of the Digital Learning and Innovations Team members.

NOTE: If you need to change your password because you have forgotten it and therefore can't log on, please send a Helpdesk ticket   Note: do not put your Tabor Gmail address in the ticket, unless you can access this on your phone, without being logged into Tabor Online.  If you can't log on to Tabor Online, and you put your Gmail address in the ticket, you will not see our reply! 

Last modified: Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 1:25 PM