Student Gmail


Google Apps Suite for students:

All students at Tabor automatically have a Tabor Google account, or Google Apps as it is known.  This includes student Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and other applications such as Groups, and Sites (ie. creating a web site).  This account will provide you with a new email address: - where your username is your student ID number.  This account will give you access to student Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar.   For more on Google Apps, click here.

Students need to check their Tabor Gmail account regularly, preferably daily, but certainly several times a week.  All communication from Tabor lecturers and staff will go to your Gmail inbox, not to your personal email address (unless you redirect your student Gmail to your personal one).  Students also need to open, and check their Forum daily digest, as all posts to forums in sites which you have access to, are embedded in this digest, including any posts made by a lecturer in a subject Announcements forum. 

The  video below explains how to access your student Gmail account. 

The next pages will explain how to redirect your Gmail to another email address, and how to use Google Drive

To access your student Gmail for the first time:

  1. Log into Tabor Online
  2. On the Main Menu tabs, you will see the Gmail & Google Drive tab, as below. Hover your mouse over this tab and a drop down list will appear. Click on Gmail. This menu will appear no matter where you are within Tabor Online allowing you to access your Gmail from every page.

  3. A new tab/or browser window will open up displaying your Inbox. If you are logging in for the first time, you will see the Google 'Terms of Service and Privacy Policy' page. You will need to read this and accept it  before being redirected to your Inbox.
  4. Note:  if accessing on your phone or tablet, click on the menu button for the tabs as seen here:

See further on this page: How to use and manage your student Gmail.

This video will show you how to access your student Gmail:

NOTE: since this video was made the Gmail and Google Drive tabs have been combined.


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