Google Drive: How to upload files, share files etc.


Why use Google Drive?

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Google Drive is a great place to store files. Think of it as an online USB storage area. Unlike a regular USB though, your Google Drive account won't run out of space or end up lost. Files uploaded there can be also be accessed on the go from a smartphone or tablet.

Group Work

Google Drive offers powerful collaborative tools. When you share a file with an individual or group from your Drive, you can choose to grant them editing access. This can allow multiple people to contribute to an assignment - sometimes simultaneously! Collaborative files contain a version history to help you keep track of any changes made by the group, so it's easy to tell who's done what.

Large File Support

The maximum storage size for assignments on Tabor Online is 48MB, so Google Drive can be an excellent option for students looking to share large assignments (like videos and presentations) with their lecturers. To avoid long wait times, we recommend that files over 500MB are uploaded using campus wifi.

How to upload a file to Google Drive

1) To access Google Drive, log into Tabor Online, click on Gmail & Google Drive from the main menu, and select Google Drive from the drop-down list.

2) Once you're inside your Drive, click on the New button (in the top left corner) and select File upload. This will allow you to browse for the file on your computer.

3) Once the file has been added, it should appear in your Google Drive file list.

How to share a file in Google Drive: 

In order to share what you've uploaded with someone else, you will need to right-click your file and select Share from the menu that appears. Enter the gmail address of each intended recipient into the Add people and groups field and click the blue Done button when ready.

If you're looking to share your file on a web page or forum, you can navigate straight to the Get link window (directly below). NOTE: to ensure your share link can be easily accessed by your teachers and peers, you will need to select the 'Anyone with the link' option from the available dropdown menu, before clicking Copy link.

VIDEO:  How to upload a file and share with another person.


VIDEO:  How to share a file with a larger group, esp if you don't have their email addresses.


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