When unit sites are available


When a student has been enrolled into a particular subject in Paradigm (student records) they will be placed into that subject site in Tabor Online.  Lecturers will be setting up their sites in the lead up to a semester, so subject sites are closed during that time, and therefore will not appear on the student's list of accessible sites.  Just because you cannot see a subject site in Tabor Online does not mean you haven't been enrolled in the subject. 
To check whether you are enrolled, go to your Student Record:

  • Log into Tabor Online, and on Home page, go to the link under  Paradigm Login for Studentsblock, on the right hand side of the page.
  • Or under Student Resourcestab, on any page, and the last link - Paradigm
  • You will not need a further log in to access your student record.
  • You will see completed subjects, your grades, currently enrolled subjects, and enrolments for the coming semester. 

Lecturers are required to have their subject sites open some time during Orientation week, i.e. the week before the semester starts. Some may be accessible to the students earlier than this, if the lecturer has their site ready, or in the case of an intensive before start of semester. 

  • As  soon as a lecturer opens a site, it will appear under the student's Dashboard.
  • The lecturer will send students a welcome message, to let them know the site is open, and accessible to students.  This message will most likely be in the Forum Daily Digest sent to students' Gmail accounts, unless the lecturer uses students' Gmail addresses directly.
  • Your subjects will be listed in your Dashboard. 
    See this page for more on the Dashboard.
  • Click on the link to each subject, to access the site.

If you do not see your subject link, under your Dashboard by the end of Orientation week, and you haven't heard from your lecturer, please see your School Admin person, or send a Helpdesk ticket. 

Last modified: Thursday, 12 May 2022, 12:59 PM