Access to sites after end of semester

Subject sites for the last semester will continue to show on a student's list of subjects, until all the final grades have been submitted to Student Services.  There may be a few students with a longer than normal, compassionate extension.  This means the site remains open for a bit longer than normal.  A site is either open to all students who have done that subject, or closed to all.  So an open site, that a student has access to, cannot be taken off that student's list of subjects even if they have completed it.  When it is closed it will no longer be on the student's list.

If you still have sites for subjects that you have completed, appearing on your list well into the next semester, please ask us about that by sending a Helpdesk ticket.

You can customise your Dashboard.   Go to your dashboard, and near the top right hand corner you will see:  Customise this page.  Click on that and you will see moving icons next to each site, on the left, and on the left above your list of sites you will see:  Number of courses to display.   Move the sites that you want at the top of your dashboard, and in the order you want them, and then select how many to display; in this way you can hide those subjects that you have completed.  Click Stop customising this page, to save your preferences. 

See further here on your Dashboard, and the videos on Navigation and how to customise Dashboard.

Last modified: Thursday, 1 June 2017, 4:42 PM