Navigation of a unit site

Your subject sites will vary to some extent, but there will be common features.   All subject sites will have the main section, on the left, and smaller separate sections, which are called blocks on the right:hand side.  Blocks have a dark blue heading section, thus:  

See more on Blocks below.

Main Section:

In the main section, you will find the main content for the subject.  Icons for various resources and functions are reasonably self- explanatory.  See below, at the bottom of this page, for a list of icons, and their function.
There will be important information relevant for the whole subject,  at the top of the page.  The Subject Description is the first document you should open and read through. It contains content and outcomes of the subject, main text/s and wider reading list, assignment work and due dates.

Assignment submission spots will also be in the central section, and may appear something like this:

  • Most lecturers put assignment submission spots near the top of the page, above Week 1 content, while others will put them in the week in which the assignment is due.  Some put them all at the bottom of the site.  Make sure you know where these are. 
  • Weekly content will follow.  Weeks may be numbered, or just have a heading. Each week will normally contain a lecture audio, and a power point, if your lecturer uses these, and other readings, resources, links etc. which the lecturer wants students to access for that week. There may be activities such as forum discussion, quizzes, etc.  You will work through the content of each week as guided by the lecturer.
  • The subject site may have all weeks/sections displayed at once, or the lecturer may open each week as the semester progresses.
  • The subject site may be set up as Collapsed topics which will appear as:

    Simply click along the blue bar, or on the topic name to open that section.  Or click on Open all, if you prefer to have them all open. 

  • Teaching Staff:  Your Lecturer's photo, and contact details given here; also your Tutor/Teaching Assistant if there is one, will be displayed here.
  • Navigation:  Use this block to navigate around your site, if you prefer to do it this way, rather than scrolling up and down central section.  You can click into another of your subjects, or your School  Student Centre, or your Dashboard in this block.  Handy tip: if you do a right mouse click on Dashboard you can open it in a new tab, so you can toggle between the 2 tabs/sites.
  • Administration:  Access your assignment grades, feedback comments, progressive final grade total under Grades.  (You can also access feedback via the actual assignment submission spot).
  • Activities:  You can access all your subject's activities here, eg. forums, assignment submission spots. Here they will be shown in a list, in contrast to the week/topic in which they appear in the main section.
Other blocks which may appear:
  • Calendar:  Shows which week of the semester it is, and other information, eg. Census dates.  Hover over a date with green highlighting to see the tag. You can also use this calendar to put your own tags in, eg. due date for assignment.  
  • Latest news:   Displays the last few News forum messages which the lecturer has sent to students. You can also access these in the News forum itself.
  • Upcoming events:   Reflects anything on the calendar for the next month, and any assignments for the coming month, if  the lecturer has entered the due date as part of the assignment settings.  

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