Helpful tips

IMPORTANT:  Do not use Internet Explorer, or its replacement Edge, as your browser with VET Learn, as it is incompatible and you will get errors occurring, when you try to do an action.  Use Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or Safari for MAC computers and devices. 

See more here if you only have IE or Edge on your computer, and need to download another recommended browser.  Please use the links provided in the page for these, so you don't run the risk of getting annoying add ons to your browser.

Links in a new tab:

It is helpful to open links in a new tab, so you can toggle between the new page/site, and your subject site. Many links in your subject sites will open in a new tab, but if they do not do this, then you can do this: do a right mouse click on the link and choose Open in a new tab.  

New window:

In Google Chrome, and in Mozilla Firefox, when you have more than one tab open, you can move one tab away from the top of your browser, with a left mouse click, so it is in a new window.  You can then restore down both windows, and have them side by side.  This is helpful if needing to compare two sites.  Note: Restore down is not minimising.  It just makes the window less than full screen so you can resize it as you wish; and move it around.  The Restore down button is in between the minimise and the close buttons in top right hand corner of your browser: 

  • To resize hover over the top or bottom borders, or side borders, until the little 2 way arrow appears, and pull in or out.   
  • To move the window, left mouse click anywhere along the top thick border and drag.  
Drag and Drop a file:

You will do a similar action when you upload an assignment, the drag and drop way.  Restore down the assignment submission page, and your folder where your assignment file is, so they are side by side; left mouse click on the assignment file, and drag over to the submission box, and drop.

Duplicate a window: 

In Mozilla Firefox, and in Google Chrome, you can duplicate a window: right mouse click on the tab for that window, and Duplicate.  This is very handy if you want to see different things on that page/window, and be able to toggle between both.  

Zoom in or out: 

If the resolution of a site is too small, press the Ctrl and  +  (plus) keys once, or more, to achieve the size of font that you want.  To reverse, or make font smaller, press the Ctrl and  -  (minus) keys until your have the desired size.  Note that this will affect all sites open in tabs in your browser. 

To change the font size of Tabor Online only, go to your Dashboard, and click on the desired % just above Logged in User on the right hand side. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 12:39 PM