Types of Assignments and Formatting/Style Guidelines

Types of Assignments:

Assignments or Assessments as they can also be called, assess the student's understanding of a particular learning outcome of the subject.  The Subject Description will state which Learning Outcome the assignment is assessing.  It will also state what the student is required to do; how many words or other elements are required; the due date; and the percentage weighting for each piece of assessment.  Check the Subject Description carefully, and put all due dates in your diary or calendar. 

There are a number of different types of assignments that may be asked of the student during their course of study:

  • Written assignments:
    • Essays
    • Book reviews
    • Reports, eg. on a visit to an organisation, or on some research undertaken by the student
    • Case studies
    • Reflective journal
    • For more on types of essays see Student Academic Tool Kit
      Your lecturer will make it clear if they expect different formatting, etc. for these different types of assignments; if not, just follow the general guidelines
  • Group assignments; may be submitted via a Wiki, or via Group assignment
  • Quizzes - via the quiz tool in Tabor Online
  • Lesson - via the lesson tool in Tabor Online
  • Forum discussions; or question and answer forums
  • Offline assignments:
    • Participation in forums or class activity
    • Creative project
    • Offline Portfolio
    • Class presentation
    • Counselling session
    • Skill demonstration

Format and Style Requirements:

Please click here for formatting and other style guidelines Note that this is Appendix 3 from the Student Handbook which is also accessible on under Student Resources tab.

Grading scale for assignments at Tabor:

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