To submit an assignment

Written assignments, eg. essays, reports, case studies, etc. will be submitted online in the relevant subject site.  There will be a submission spot for each assignment. 

This is the assignment submission icon:   Lecturers have different ways of naming assignments; some name it the same as in the Subject Description; others name it, eg. Assignment 1; others, eg. Assessment 1, Assessment Task 1; some put the due date in the name.   But the icon is always the same (unless it is a Quiz or a Lesson - see more on these, below the video on this page).  If it is not clear from the name at the submission spot which assignment it is, please ask your lecturer to make it clearer.

To upload written assignment as a file:
  1. Unless otherwise directed, upload as a Word document, so that your lecturer can insert comments.  Insert a header in your assignment with your name, and the name of the assignment in it.  NOTE: Assignment cover sheets are now only required for offline submissions.  Please keep the file name on your assignment reasonably short, without full stops, except for the one before the file type (at the end of the file name).  Longer file names can cause technical problems.  
    EG.  J Smith Cr Living Assign 1.docx 
  2. Go to the relevant assignment submission spot on your subject site. Submission spots have this icon:  
  3. Tick the 'I certify that this assignment..............' spot   (if your assignment is your own work!) 
  4. You can either drag and drop your assignment file, or you can add and browse to find your file.
    1. To drag and drop:  set the Tabor Online window as less then full screen (click Restore down button next to cross in top right hand corner), and pull in sides to it takes up about half of your screen. 
    2. Open the folder where your file is, restore down, so it is sitting beside your web browser window.  
    3. Left mouse click on your file, and holding mouse, simply drag over to the blue arrow, in File Submissions box, and let mouse go:

      Your file will upload.  Note: the file will not be removed from the folder on your computer.
    4. OR: Add and browse: click on the little Add button top left corner of the submission box:  
    5. Click on Upload a file, in the file picker window.  Click Choose file, or Browse (depends on your web browser)
    6. This takes you to your folders on computer.  Find file and double click. 
    7. Click Upload this file.  Save changes.

  5. Either way, your assignment is uploaded and you will receive an automatic alert to your Gmail inbox to say it has been successful.  Your lecturer will also receive an email to let them know you have submitted your assignment.  Your submitted file will appear as:

  6. Turnitin:  Most assignments have Turnitin enabled - this is a similarity text matching check.  If this assignment is the first Turnitin assignment you have done, you will be required to accept Turnitin conditions.  To do that you may have to enable pop-ups in your browser; this will come up as a message asking you to allow pop ups.  See this page: Pop-up windows: to allow or block   
    Note this page is in this Student Helpdesk, in the section Technology Info and Requirements.
    And click here for the next page  to see more about Turnitin.
  7. New students are advised to submit a practice assignment in Intro to Tabor Online  Section 4, where they can also accept Turnitin conditions.   Doing this practice exercise will also help the new student find out how it all works, as the practice assignment will be 'marked' and returned.

Video:  To submit an assignment which is a Word document

To submit an online assignment:
  1. An online assignment is one where the student clicks on the assignment submission spot, is presented with a question/s, or instructions, and a text box in which to type their answer.
  2. Type the answer in the text box, and click Submit, and assignment is submitted.

  3. If you have already typed up your answer in a Word document, and want to copy and paste the text in, it is important to follow these steps:
    • Copy your text.
    • Come to the answer text box, in the online assignment submission spot
    • Click on the Paste special tool along the formatting tool bar of the answer text box: The Paste Special window will come up. 
    • Paste your text into the box at 1. in the window which will come up
    • At 2. select Paste as unformatted text.  This is the best option, even if the source is a Word document, so that all formatting is stripped. 
    • Click Complete Paste at 4. 
    • This will strip the formatting. 
    • You can then format as you wish, and complete your assignment and Submit. 
      If this is not done, the formatting of the Word document, which will be brought across is incompatible with the text coding in Tabor Online, and can cause significant problems, eg. the text is scrambled and lecturer cannot read it.

Some assignments may be as a quiz or a lesson. 

The quiz icon is:  
The lesson icon is:   

To submit and quiz, or a lesson:
  1. Undertake the quiz, or the lesson, and when you have completed this, and are happy with it click Submit all and finish.
  2. Quizzes come as pop-up windows.  When you attempt to start a quiz, your browser may prompt you to allow pop-ups, as some browsers block all pop-ups by default.   See this page: Pop-up windows: to allow or block 
    Note this page is in this Student Helpdesk, in the section Technology Info and Requirements.
  3. Quizzes often have a time limit.  If the quiz has been set up correctly, and if the student does not complete the quiz in the given time, the quiz is automatically submitted with the answers that have been completed.   It would pay to ask your lecturer if that is the case before you start the quiz.  If they are not sure, they can contact Digital Learning and Innovations team and ask for this to be checked. 
  4. If a quiz is timed, there will be a timer on the right hand side, showing how much time is left.  This timer cannot be paused, so make sure you have an uninterrupted time to do the quiz; that you don't answer your phone, etc. 
  5. New students are encouraged to do the practice quiz in the Intro to Tabor Online  preparatory site so they know how quizzes work on Tabor Online.  See section 8. 

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