To delete an assignment

If you have submitted the wrong assignment you can delete this.  If immediately there will be no difficulty in deleting it.  If later, after saving, and returning eg. in a day or two, it will depend on how the lecturer has set the assignment.  You may not be able to delete a file, especially if you submit on the due date, and then realise a day or two later that it is the wrong file.  In that case, speak to your lecturer.

To delete a submitted file:
  1. If you have just uploaded and not yet saved the submission, click on the file icon in the file submissions box (first image below), and on Delete button in the pop up window that will come up (second image below), click OK, and then Save changes.
  2. If you have saved your assignment upload, or come back to edit at a later stage (if the lecturer has allowed for this), click on Edit submission button and then do step 1 above.  If no Edit submission button, then the lecturer has not allowed students to edit their submissions once uploaded and saved.  



Last modified: Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 2:55 PM