Turnitin is a world-wide, Internet-based text matching (plagiarism detection) service.  At Tabor most assignments submitted online, are put through Turnitin.  This is both for the student's benefit and learning, and to help the lecturer see if the student is writing assignments in an academic manner.  

Once an assignment has been submitted, the Turnitin software will check the document:

  • For unoriginal content, eg direct quotes, or content copied from an online source.
  • Against assignments submitted by other students,  that were put through  Turnitin
  • Against assignments the student has submitted to another subject
While this tool will allow a lecturer to detect plagiarism, it is much more than that, and students are strongly encouraged to see the Turnitin report for any assignments they submit, as a learning and educative tool, so that they can:
  • avoid plagiarism, intentional or unintentional
  • see if they have too many words in direct quotes
  • see if they have correctly referenced all direct quotes, indirect quotes, and other specific concepts from their sources.
If direct quotes are in quotation marks, and these have referenced these correctly, if indirect quotes have also been referenced correctly, and and if there are not too many words in direct quotes, there will be no problems.  As a general rule students are expected to have about 10% of the wordcount as direct quotes, so a Turnitin % score of about 10% is a good score for a normal essay.  A high score is not good for Turnitin!   As a new student, your lecturer will contact you, or give feedback to help you if you have too many words in direct quotes in your assignment, or if you are not referencing correctly. 

The first time a student submits an assignment, where Turnitin is enabled they will be required to accept the Turnitin User terms and conditions. 

To submit your assignment, and accept conditions:

  1. Turnitin usually only gives a similarity report for the first file submitted for an assignment, so if your assignment is in several parts, it is much preferred if you can present as one Word document file.  If you have, for example, a Word document, and a power point, or other type of file to submit, please submit the Word document first.  
  2. Do not submit your assignment with a cover sheet as this will skew the Turnitin report and make it much higher than it should be.  Simply put a header in your assignment with your name, name of the subject, and brief name of the assignment. 
  3. Go to the assignment submission spot and click on Add submission button:   
  4. Under the assignment instructions, and the statement that the assignment is all the student's own work, etc. you will see this link: 

  5. Click on the link to see, read through, and accept the conditions.  You do need to do this, but you only need to do it once.  Your assignment can still be submitted without accepting Turnitin conditions, but it will not receive a Turnitin report, which your lecturer requires, and which is a good learning tool for the student to use.  It will also cause other significant issues, such as: you may not be able to access the marked assignment, or feedback; you may not be able to access forum posts in a forum where Turnitin is enabled (and many forums do have this enabled). 
  6. If the User Agreement does not appear for you once clicking on the link, your browser must be blocking the pop up window that it appears in. You should see a bar near the top of your browser, or a small box in one of the bottom corners, telling you that you need to enable pop ups for this site.  Click on that link to do that.  You may just need to answer the prompt to allow pop ups for this occasion, or you may want to enable pop-up for Tabor Online permanently (this is recommended as other activities come as pop-ups). 
    1. If you don't know how to enable pop-ups in your web browser, check instructions here:  Pop-up windows: to allow or block 
    2. The Turnitin Agreement should then come up; accept the conditions, and you can proceed with uploading your assignment.
  7. Once you have accepted conditions, tick the statement that begins:  I certify the this assignment is my own work...........................  
    Note: this is similar to Turnitin, but is a separate item, and you need to tick this each time you submit an assignment.  If you cannot certify that this is your own work, you either need to rewrite your assignment, or speak to your lecturer. 
  8. Upload your assignment file/s; see previous page.
  9. Click Save Changes.
  10. Your Turnitin report will be generated in around half an hour and the report will be displayed as a percentage number: 

  11. If you do submit your assignment without accepting Turnitin conditions, you will see:

  12. Occasionally submitted assignments do not get a report.  You may get a message to say that a report has not been generated, and to contact your tutor, or administrator.  In that case, you can speak to your lecturer, and if they do want a report for your assignment, you can submit a Student Helpdesk ticket, so the Digital Learning team can check this out.  Sometimes a document is such that a report cannot be generated; at other times it is just a matter of refreshing the page. 

To open the Turnitin report: 
  1. To see the full report click on the percentage number, eg. on 77% as in above image.   
  2. Your assignment file will be displayed, with quotations and other areas of similarity of text, highlighted.  On the right of the page, you can see the source for each highlighted area.
  3. This will most likely be collapsed thus:   If so click on the Match overview icon, (which will be the % number, eg. 25 here), or on the All sources icon, just below the match overview number. 
  4. If you see that you have some direct quotes that are not in quotation marks, and/or not referenced; or that you have too many words in direct quotes, and you have submitted your assignment before the due date, you should be able to delete it, make changes, and resubmit.  Important: we advise that you let your lecturer know this, in case they have downloaded your first submission for marking; also make it clear in the file name that it is an update, eg.  add Final submission;  Final for marking; etc.
  5. And note that if your assignment is ready before the due date, and you want to check your Turnitin score, you can submit it to the assignment submission spot; if you are doing this it is advisable to put, eg. 'Draft' or 'Draft to check Turnitin' etc. in the file name, and also to email your lecturer to let them know that this is not the final draft.  As above, make it clear when you do submit the final one, in the file name.
  6. Note that some forums also have Turnitin enabled, so you will get a Turnitin report for posts made to that forum.  No other student will see your report.
Last modified: Friday, 2 June 2017, 4:05 PM