Receiving marked assignments and feedback


When you lecturer, or tutor/teaching assistant has marked an assignment you will receive an automatic email to your student Gmail account, that this is the case. 

  1. You can either click on the link in this email, or go to your subject site and click on the Assignment submission spot.
  2. If there is a marked assignment to be uploaded, and the lecturer makes further comments, you will see, beneath your submitted assignment:

  3. Click on the uploaded marked assignment to open it.  Note: your lecturer may not put 'marked' in the file name.
  4. There may not be further feedback comments, as the lecturer has put them all in the assignment. 
  5. If this is an offline assignment, you will see only the grade, and possibly feedback comments.  

  1. You can also click, anytime, on Grades under the Administration block on your subject sites; click on Course administration to expand this if Grades is not showing. 
  2. You will see all assignments, quizzes etc. and any grades that have been entered; with any feedback comments.  The marked assignment will not appear here. 
  3. You may  also see your progressive final grade, although this is normally hidden until all assignments have been graded, or until all final grades are published. 
  4. When in your Grades page, you can click on Overview report to see all your subjects, and your progressive total. 

Please make sure you retrieve marked assignments and feedback as soon as you receive an email about this, especially if it is at the end of the semester.  Subject sites are archived a few weeks after the end of the semester, and while a student can access the Tabor archive site, it is a bit more tricky, so much better to download marked assignments as they arrive. 

Thank you! 

Last modified: Friday, 2 June 2017, 4:23 PM