Pop-up windows: To allow or block

Some activities in Tabor Online can  come in a pop-up window, eg. quizzes, video clips etc.  However at times unwanted content, such as advertisements, etc. come as a pop up window.   To stop this happening, one's web browser can be set to block all pop-ups, and some browsers do this.   However certain web sites can be exempted from this overall ban, so that pop-ups from those web sites can be accessed. 

Students will need to allow pop-ups for Tabor Online, so that they can do activities, such as quizzes, and also read and accept Turnitin conditions, and similar content. 

Click here  to allow pop-ups in Google Chrome

Click here  to allow pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox

Click here  to allow pop ups in Safari

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 12:36 PM