Important: Your initial login details to Tabor Online will be provided to you in the Acceptance Letter.

The first time you log into Tabor Online, you will be prompted to change the password to one of your preference.

If you experience any issues logging in, please look out for the following:

  1. Ensure that the link in the address bar reads
  2. Your Username, which is your Student ID number, will be in the format: tcaXXXXX(where X represents the numbers in your Student ID).
  3. Your Password is case sensitive (so having your Caps Lock key ON is a common mistake users will make).
  4. If you rely on your computer saving your password so you don't have to type it in each and every login, please be aware that the saved password may change inadvertently so logging in after this change won't be successful. If you reset your password at any time, please ensure your computer updates to your new password otherwise it will continue using your old password.
  5. Lastly, if you have forgotten your password, please contact us for a Password Reset

    Please note:
     if you have forgotten your Tabor Online password, you will need to provide an alternate email address (not your student address) that we can use to send your new login instructions to.

How to Submit a Ticket without being logged into Tabor Online:

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