The Desk - Promoting Student Success and Wellbeing


If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the pressure and the demands of studying, check out beyondblue's helpsite: The Desk  for help managing a work/life balance.

You will need to register to be able to use their interactive resources - it's worth the effort as there are quizzes to help you look at different areas of your life to maximise your study efficiency, sections where you can check your overall health, find ways to manage time and stress, suggestions for feeling good about yourself, and maintaining relationships......and a great meeting place - the Coffee House - a drop in center to meet online with other students. Check it out!

If you need to talk things over with someone help is also available from:

Dr Lesley Houston,  Social Inclusion Officer & Student Support

Life Design Counseling  is also available to students at Tabor who would like more in depth counselling at little or no cost.  Jodie Marshall, the Life Design Administrator will assist you. 

Below is a 6-part video series
, where Senior Lecturer Brian Gabriel discusses the nature of anxiety and how it impacts upon your studies.

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