The Student's Dashboard

The student's dashboard is your personal page, where you will see all sites that you have access to, and other links such as Online Messages area, YourTutor, Login for Paradigm (your Student records) etc.  Under Upcoming events, you should see any assignments where the lecturer has set the due date as part of the assignment settings, for the next month.  A good place to check regularly!  (Note however that if the lecturer has not put the due date as part of the assignment settings, that it will not show here; but the due date is still important!) 
There is also a private files area, which can be handy for the student to upload files.  See more below.

To customise your dashboard:

You can choose how many sites to display on your Dashboard, and in which order. This is helpful so that you can have those you access frequently nearer to the top, and you can also hide a previous semester's sites if they are still showing, and you have completed that subject. 

  1. Go to your Dashboard.  Near the top right corner, you will see: Customise this page.
  2. Click on that, and there will be the moving icons just to the left of each link: 
  3. With left mouse click on the moving icon, and holding that, move each one up or down depending on where you want it.
  4. To choose how many sites to display on your Dashboard go to: Number of courses to display drop down menu; this is near top left, just above your sites.  Select the number you require. 
  5. To save your order, click on: Stop customising this page. 
  6. See video below.
  7. You can also select the font colour you want from the options available - just above Logged in user block.   Click on the font you want, and it will automatically adjust - no need to save this.  Note that not all font will be changed, and also take care if selecting blue colour, as links are also in blue and may be easy to miss. 
  8. At this same spot, you can also increase the font size.  Note however, that it is also quick and easy to do this, when on any page, by pressing Ctrl key and the + key.   Do it more than once to continue increasing font size.  Ctrl key and - key will decrease size.  (This applies to any browser or website).  

To upload files to the Private files area:

Uploading a file or files to this area is handy when, for example, you are at a student computer, library computer etc. and are part way through an assignment, but haven't brought a memory stick to save it to.  You can log into Tabor Online, and upload your assignment to the Private files area, and retrieve later on at any other computer.  Note too, that you can use your student Google Drive to store files also. 

  1. When in your Dashboard, scroll down to the Private files block - near the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on Manage private files
  3. Open the folder etc. where you have the file/s.  You can drag and drop here or use the Add button in the top left hand corner of the Files box.  This is the same action as uploading an assignment.
  4. Save changes. 
    To delete a file:
  5. Do points 1 and 2 above, click on the file icon in the Files box, and on Delete.
  6. Confirm OK, and Save changes.
Video: To customise your Dashboard



Note:  you will not need a further log in for Gmail, Google Drive, Paradigm (Student Records), Mahara, or YourTutor.   Once you are logged into Tabor Online, you will get direct access these student resources. 

For more on navigating, and using Tabor Online, see Introduction to Tabor Online: 

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