The Dialogue tool allows the lecturer to communicate with one student; the student to communicate with the lecturer, or one other student.   It is similar to an email to the other person, but all kept within the subject site.  Some lecturers use Dialogue for extension requests, for example. 

The dialogue icon is:  

To send a Dialogue message:
  1. Click on the dialogue in the subject site. 
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. At the People drop down, find the user you wish to send the message to and click on their name. 
  4. Enter the subject and the message, and any attachments if necessary.
  5. Click Send, or Save draft if not ready to send at that time. 
  6. Once sent your message will appear as: 

  7. The recipient will receive an email about this Dialogue message. 
  8. Once the recipient has answered your message, you will receive an email, and on the unit site, you will see, next to the Dialogue: 
  9. You will also see a little blue '1' button next to the message in the Dialogue, or however many unread responses there are. 
  10. If a new message has been sent to you you will also see this little blue button. 

    Note that you also see the last person to respond. 
  11. Click on the little blue button, or on the sender's name, or on the message to open the message fully. 
  12. Your lecturer will close a dialogue message once they believe it is dealt with but you can it again, and read it, via the Closed button, as above. 
  13. Students can close a dialogue thread which they began, but  not one which the lecturer began.  A lecturer can also delete any thread. 
To reply to a message:
  1. Go to the Dialogue and click on the sender's name, or on the message line.
  2. A text Message box will appear below the dialogue messages.
  3. Type your message, and click Send, or Save draft

Last modified: Monday, 5 June 2017, 4:02 PM