Zoom: Online classes and conferencing

During your course of study, you may be required to participate in synchronous online lectures/tutorials/conferences.  Or if you are an external student, your lecturer may live stream the lecture, so you can join in if you are free on that day, and at the time of the lecture on campus.  Tabor uses Zoom  for such online meetings, and live streaming of lectures.

Your lecturer will advise you when the meeting, or lecture, is, and will send you the link to access the online meeting space.  You will just need a computer, and a headset.  We recommend a headset with USB connection.   If you will be using a Laptop, please don't use the inbuilt mic and speakers as this can cause feedback; use a headset plugged into your computer. 

To join an online lecture, or meeting:
  1. The first time using Zoom, access the link sent to you, about 15 minutes before the start of the meeting as you will need to download Zoom to your computer. 
  2. You will be prompted to download and run Zoom.  If you use Google Chrome, you will see an orange prompt sign at the bottom left corner; with Mozilla Firefox you will see this at the top right corner.  Click here for the images of this prompt. 
  3. Download, save and run, as per the prompts. 
  4. You will be asked to enter your name.  Do this, and also it is suggested that you tick the prompt to remember your name. 
    NOTE:  if you would like to do this action a few days before your online class, or meeting, so that you are all set up and ready for that, please send us a Helpdesk ticket  and someone from the Digital Learning and Innovations team will help you do this. 
  5. You may need to click on the link from the lecturer, again, or this may come up Immediately for you:

  6. Click on Zoom Meetings, and then on Open links. 
  7. It will take a few moments to launch, and then you will see: 

  8. If you see this: 

    your headset it not plugged into your comptuer, so do that, and the link Join Audio Conferencing by Computer will turn green. 
  9. It is recommended that you click on Test Computer Mic & Speakers and follow the prompts to make sure your mic and speakers are working correctly. 
  10. Then click the green prompt to Join audio conference by Computer. 
  11. You are now in the meeting space.  Hover over the bottom of the page to see the various prompts, eg. start webcam, chat etc. 
  12. Make sure your mic is unmuted; see mic icon at the bottom of the page - first one on the left - click on it to unmute if it is muted (it will have a red line through it if it is muted). 
    • It is recommended that if you are not speaking, or not about to speak, that you mute your mic (just click on it), especially if you are drinking or eating!  This will sound quite loud to other participants, and can be a bit off putting!  Remember to unmute it, when you need to speak. 
    • Lecturers can mute any participant; if that has been done you will not be able to unmute your mic.
  13. Click on Chat to type in a message; before posting select whether to everyone, or just to the Host of the meeting, ie. your lecturer.  The chat is handy, if for example, you can't hear what is being said, or others can't hear you. 
  14. If your lecturer has allowed for students to raise hand, agree, etc. you will see these prompts at the bottom of the page. 
  15. Note also that you may be asked to share your screen; click on Share screen button to do that.  Any sites, or files you have open at the time will appear, so click on the one you will be sharing.  If you think your lecturer may ask you to share a file/s, have these open before joining the meeting to save time.

Last modified: Tuesday, 27 March 2018, 3:06 PM