Tabor Online calendar

The Tabor Online calendar is available on home page, on right hand side, and on many subject pages, on either side of the page.  This calendar will show you which week of the semester we are in; the census date for the semester, public holidays, etc.  Just hover over a date which is highlighted to see the tag for that date.  Events which are across all sites in Tabor Online, will be highlighted in green.



You can also use this calendar for yourself, eg. to put assignment due dates in.  smile    To make an entry in the calendar, click on the name of the month above the dates, and on New event button. 


Put in the name of your event, further description if you want to, choose the date, and whether a once off, or whether it finishes on another date, and Save changes.  For a student, it will always be a User event, highlighted in blue, and only that student will be able to see this entry in the calendar.

If your lecturer puts events in the calendar for their subject, all students in that class will see that, highlighted in pink. 

Note that this calendar is different to the one in Google calendar, which you can also use if you would like to.  Brief information about that is found in Section 8 - Uploading a Google document, and Information about Google Apps. 

Last modified: Thursday, 17 May 2018, 4:18 PM