Student Communication (overview)


During your studies at Tabor, you will have access to a student Gmail account. It is a requirement to check this account regularly as it will be used for communication with Tabor staff and students. 

You will also regularly receive Forum Digests to this address, which may contain important updates and information. Forum Digest emails are sent out at 3PM each day and contain a summary of all of the forum activity in your enrolled subjects on Tabor Online.

Please note: If you have enrolled weeks or months before your start date, you may find that your Gmail is populated with Forum Digest emails. Feel free to delete these emails if they have been sent onto you before your start date.

Please see these pages below for information on how to access, use, and manage your student Gmail account.


Forums enable you to participate in group discussions and make it possible to quickly reach a wide audience. This is the perfect tool for when you're looking to:

  • Discuss a topic with your class/group
  • Buy/sell a textbook
  • Check the latest Announcement from your lecturer

Click here for more detailed information on the different types of forums and how to use them.


The Messages tool provides a quick and easy, informal one-way chat solution. Don't know the recipient's email address? No problem. Simply click the Messages icon (next to your name), select New Message, and then search for the user by name.

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