Student Gmail


All students at Tabor are provided with a Student Gmail account. The address is comprised of your Student ID number and Tabor Gmail extension.

You will need need to regularly check your Student Gmail inbox as this is what Tabor staff and students will use to communicate with you outside of class. This is also where you will receive notifications about forum activity, recently graded assignments, and important news, updates, and events.

Accessing your Student Gmail

1) Log in to Tabor Online, 

2) Locate the Gmail link

[Desktop Users] Click on Gmail & Google Drive from the main menu and select Gmail from the drop-down list.

[Mobile Users] Select the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top right-hand side of Tabor Online. Open the Gmail & Google Drive drop-down list and select Gmail.

3) If this is your first time accessing your Student Gmail account, you will be presented with a Terms and Conditions page. Once you click 'Accept' your account will be finalised and you will be taken to your inbox.

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