Submitting your video via Google Drive

The following steps will be broken into two parts.

Upload your Zoom recording to Google Drive

  1. Log into Tabor Online, click on G-Suite from the main menu, and select Google Drive from the drop-down list.

  2. Once you're inside your Drive, click on the New button (in the top left corner) and select File upload. This will allow you to browse for the Zoom recording on your computer. 

  3. Once the file has been added, it should appear in your Google Drive file list.

How to share the file to your Lecturer/Marker

  1. In order to share what your video recording with your Teacher (or team member), you will need to right-click your file and select Share from the menu that appears.

  2. Enter the Tabor Gmail address of each intended recipient into the People field and click the blue Send button when ready.

  3. This will notify your Teacher (or team member) via email that the video recording has been shared with them.

Video Instructions