2. Must Read for Tabor Students: Details of the move to Microsoft 365 on December 7th-8th (emailed 20th November 2021)

Dear Students,

It has been a few weeks since we announced that 'A Change is Coming'.

In that announcement, we mentioned that you will be moved from Google's G-Suite (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites etc) to Microsoft's Office 365 (Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc).

We also hinted of a more seamless 'logging in' experience across the different Tabor systems.

The finer details of this major project are now finalised and we will document the information below for you.

PLEASE READ: I promise this is not a difficult read and will answer a lot of the questions you may have. Please keep for reference.


When will these changes take place?

The following systems will be OFFLINE for all users on 7th-8th December 2021 (2 days):

  • Tabor Online
  • Student Gmail / Google Drive / Google Sites
  • Library Catalogue/Databases
  • Paradigm
  • Clickview
  • Mahara

Once we have tested and verified that everything is in order, services will be back ONLINE on the morning of 9th December 2021.

What happens to my Gmail if we are now moved to Outlook?

From 9th December, you will ‘send and receive' emails using Outlook. Your email address will not change.

We will not be deleting nor migrating your emails from Gmail to Outlook, however, we'll still provide you with the capability to log into your Gmail to view old emails. More details on 9th December.

What happens to my Google Drive files?

We will not be deleting nor migrating your files from Google Drive to OneDrive, however, we’ll still allow you to log into Google Drive to manage those files as per norm (although OneDrive will be the recommendation).

You'll have the ability to backup your Google Drive files to OneDrive, if you choose to do so. Instructions will be provided on 9th December 2021.

Since we are being moved to Microsoft 365, does it mean we will also have access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

Yes, you will all be licensed with an 'Microsoft 365 A1' subscription giving you access to the suite of Microsoft 365 apps. In addition to Outlook and OneDrive, you’ll have access to WordExcelPowerPoint and other apps such as Teams enabling greater editing, collaboration and communication with each other and your lecturers.

I already have a FREE Office 365 account through Tabor. What will happen to all my files?

We will simply merge that account to the licensed Microsoft 365 subscription we are providing all students. All your files will remain.

You will be required to use your Tabor Online login details to access this account. Details below.

Will my login details be changing?

When logging into a Tabor system, you may have found yourself asking, "Hmmm, do I type in my Student ID for this login or do I type in my full email address?" AND Why do I have sign into the Library right after I just signed into Tabor Online?

From 9th December, each of the Tabor systems listed below will be linked to the ONE login.

  • Tabor Online
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook, OneDrive etc)
  • Campus Wi-Fi (Adelaide only)
  • Library Catalogue/Databases
  • Clickview
  • Mahara

You will ONLY ever use your full email address (eg. tca123456@tabor.edu.au) to sign in. Your password will remain the same (the one you use for Tabor Online).

Another improvement is once you are signed into one of those sites listed, you can bounce in and out of the other listed sites without signing in again (whilst on the same device and session).

Password resets

You’ll also be able to reset your own password if you’ve forgotten it. There won’t be a need to contact the Help Desk for this request anymore!

Hopefully, this gives you more details of the changes taking place. Be assured that we will be informative and keep you in the loop as we move towards these changes.

Please contact us on the Help Desk if you have further questions. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Vu Thach
Projects, Digital Learning and Innovations

Last modified: Friday, 1 July 2022, 4:28 PM