3. Outage Date/Details (emailed 2nd December)

Hi Tabor Students,

A reminder that the transition to Microsoft 365 is happening next week.

If you haven’t already, please read the information below via the links, detailing the transition and how it affects you. Understanding the changes is highly important.

1) Announcement (sent out 27th October)

2) Detailed Update (sent out 20th November)


The following systems will be taken  OFFLINE for these changes to be applied:

Tabor Online / Mahara / Library / Gmail / Google Drive / Paradigm

Note. For the few of you who already have a Tabor FREE M365 account (OneDrive etc), please refrain from creating/uploading new content to your OneDrive after Monday 6th December.


  • You will all be required to log into Tabor Online with your full email address (eg. tca123456@tabor.edu.au). Your password will remain the same.

  • For security purposes, Multi-Factor Authentication will be enabled so your first login to Tabor Online will require you to set an ‘alternative email address/and or mobile number’. This will secure your login as well as allow you to reset your password if you ever forget them in the future.

  • Your email address (eg. tca123456@tabor.edu.au) will be the username you will use for most Tabor systems. Simply using ‘tca123456’ will not work.

  • Email management will be in Outlook (links to Outlook will replace Gmail on Tabor Online).

  • You will be licensed and have access to the suite of Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc), which you can install on your computer.

  • Gmail will still be accessible for you to view old emails, however, no emails will be received or sent via Gmail from this date.

  • Other Google Apps (such as Google Drive, Google Sites etc) will still be accessible. Your Google Drive files and share links will remain as per normal.


Support articles via our Student Digital Help Centre will be provided documenting the changes and instructions to assist you with the transition.

Please contact us on the Help Desk via this link if you have any questions prior to and after the systems are back ONLINE.

Last modified: Monday, 6 December 2021, 1:40 PM