Frequently Asked Questions

Login related queries

What login details do I use for Tabor Online, Microsoft 365 (Outlook, OneDrive, website), Library Database, Clickview videos?


  • Username: your full email address (eg
  • Password: your regular Tabor Online password.


  • Username: your full email address (eg
  • Password: your regular Tabor Online password.

Note: Once you are logged into either one of the websites mentioned, you will have the ability to bounce between them without signing in again.

Are my login details the same for the Library computers and TABOR-WIFI (Adelaide only)?
Yes, your details are the same as above.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

  • If you HAVE logged successfully into Tabor Online/or Microsoft 365 and set up your Multi-Factor Authentication details, you can go to the Forgot my password link (screenshot below) to action the reset.
    Password Reset

  • If you HAVE NOT successfully logged into Tabor Online/or Microsoft 365 since this transition, therefore not setting up your Multi-Factor Authentication, you will have to get in touch with us here to get a password reset. After we reset it, you will be able to manage future password resets yourself.

I have a M365 account with another institution and when I sign in with my Tabor M365 account, I receive an error with the code: '08cc1b1f-0d02-44aa-8acf-79a96670d05b'

Internet browsers will store a history of your M365 login, meaning that logging in with another M365 account (from a different institution) will clash.

There are several ways around this:

  1. You use a different internet browser to log into the Tabor M365 account with (therefore keeping both logins separate)

  2. You can clear your browser cache to remove the M365 login history, therefore allowing you to log in with the other M365 account. Instructions here.

  3. Browse privately in the same browser (essentially avoiding the clash) by using 'Incognito Mode' or 'Private Window'. Instructions on how to open your browser in either one those modes is documented here for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.

Google apps related queries

What has happened to my Google apps access (Gmail, Google Drive, Google sites, Calendar etc)?
You will NO LONGER have the ability to use Gmail to send and receive student emails. This has been replaced with Outlook.

Note: You will still be able to access Gmail for the purpose of viewing old emails (that were received up to the 6th December 2021).

To access your Google apps, go to

  1. Click Sign In (top right) and type in your full email address for username. eg.
  2. This password is separate to your Tabor Online details.
    Your password will be your 8-digit DOB. For example, if you were born 1st Jan 2000, it would be: 01012000
  3. You will be asked to strengthen your security as well as create a password of your preference.
  4. Once signed in, you can access your Google apps via the launchpad (as per screenshot below)
    Google Apps Launchpad

Since we have moved to Microsoft 365, can I move my files from Google Drive to OneDrive?
Yes, you can. We recommend using Google Take Out to manage the file migration.

Here's a short video to show you how to use Google Takeout to perform this.

Microsoft 365 related queries

Where do I access Outlook, OneDrive and the website?
We have updated our Tabor Online menu to include links to those area (as per below). If you are logged into Tabor Online, clicking on those links will not require another sign-in.
Main Menu

Now we are licensed with Microsoft 365, are we able to download the apps (Outlook, OneDrive, Word etc) to install on our computers?
Yes, you can. Steps to download the software below.

  1. Log into Tabor Online
  2. Click on Microsoft 365 & Outlook from the main menu and select Microsoft 365 from the drop-down list
  3. You will see the following page (below). On the right side of the page, there is an option for you download Microsoft 365 apps to your computer.
    Download Page

  4. Once installed, remember to sign-in to the apps such as OneDrive, Outlook, Word etc to associate the software with your Tabor account.