■ Subject Description 

In this subject, students will encounter the foundation of music theory and learn to analyse concepts

that will enable students to develop aural skills and musical literacy central to music teaching,

music in the community, composing and arranging, and performance skills. Music theory concepts

will include harmonic progressions, chords, scales and modes, aural, part writing, and musical

analysis. Students will gain an understanding of the various forms of musical notation including

traditional, jazz, and contemporary approaches.

This Capstone subject gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in a real world context. Depending upon the vocational direction of each student, students will have the opportunity either to be placed in a professional context that reflects their post-graduation plans or to develop a portfolio that showcases their capabilities. Either choice will allow students to experience the demands of, and standards required by, the industry and to demonstrate that they are ready to succeed as capable professionals. Throughout this subject, students will be refining a portfolio of their skills, experience, and achievements which they can use in seeking employment.