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    Tabor are offering a brand new degree commencing in 2020, the Bachelor of Music.

         If you want to feel prepared, knowledgeable and equipped to thrive in the music industry, then Tabor’s brand new Bachelor of Music is for you. We focus on the skills and knowledge you need for a wide range of music careers. We developed this degree over several years of speaking to students, graduates and industry experts about ideal employees; we gathered feedback from academics, schools, community members and real musicians and designed a Bachelor of Music that is exceptional, contemporary, and relevant   >>  Click here to register for an audition  <<

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        Tabor Main Campus Email: enquiry@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

        Music Department Email: music@tabor.edu.au

        Head of Music, Dr Janelle Fletcher: jfletcher@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

        Facebook: Tabor Music Department

        Instagram: tabor_music_adelaide

        YouTube: Music Tabor

        • Location: Wayville

          The Music program have their own facility located at 68 Greenhill Road Wayville.  The facility is equipped for musicians with practice rooms, music software and equipment. The main campus of Tabor is only a few minutes drive down Goodwood Road.  

          Our facilities at Wayville include:

          • Lots of practice rooms with keyboard/pianos in each room
          • Microphones, amps, PA and recording equipment
          • Computer room with midi keyboards, complimentary printer and copier
          • Two kitchens
          • Recording studio
          • Lecture rooms and performance spaces
          • Small library (bigger library at main campus)
          • Two meeting/board rooms
          • Instruments for use such as amps, guitars, woodwind, brass, percussion etc. 



          • Resources for teachers and students

            For free resources, worksheets, explanation sheets, videos and more:

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            Also check out our Facebook: Tabor Music Department, Instagram: tabor_music, and YouTube: Music Tabor

            • Excursion to Tabor for the day

              Tertiary study is an investment in yourself and choosing where you study can make all the difference to your skills, knowledge and career outcomes. You are invited to come along and see what it is like to study music at Tabor and join in on our lectures, ensembles and workshops for a day. Come and "Be a Tabor Music Student for a Day"!

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              • Practice Theory and Aural Assessment

              • Testimonials

                 Maddie, Drummer, Bachelor of Music

                Tabor is like a second home to me. Everytime I step into our music building I instantly feel at home. I never fail to be inspired by the talents of my lecturers, tutors and friends, and can always rely on them for a good laugh too! I have enjoyed playing in our ensembles and expanded my knowledge of awesome music related concepts - from pedagogy to theory and music psychology. But what I love most about Tabor is that I am able to grow as a musician and make music in the most supportive environment!  Can't wait to see what's next!

                I have absolutely loved every second of being at tabor since I began my studies in 2020. What really stands out for me at Tabor is the range of subjects we are able to study and the community. The community is something you will always be proud to be a part of, there is so much support from both students and lecturers which makes it even more enjoyable. Tabor is a place where everyone is welcome and safe, no matter their background and I think that’s really great as everyone feels accepted. We all have the same passion and being able to share that with each other is amazing. - Rhiannon, singer.

                Studying at Tabor has been great. I've really appreciated the balance of challenge vs encouragement. I feel like I'm accelerating in my development as a musician both in confidence and skill because of it. Also, the connections I've made have led to more and more opportunities to teach guitar privately and play gigs around town! Looking forward to the challenges and opportunities still to come!  - Ayden, guitarist and double bassist.

                Kahli, BMus
                Kahli, singer, Bachelor of Music 

                “I love the culture so much!!! The lecturers are so supportive and care about all their students so much. Tabor Music has allowed me to improve in all sides of my musicality and gain amazing new skills. I seriously couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Spending three years (or more) is an investment in yourself and I am so glad I have chosen Tabor. I love coming to uni everyday. The lecturers and students inspire me, encourage me and help me grow.” 

                I love Tabor because of the supportive environment here. All the students and lecturers look out for one another and only want the best for me. I have made some real life-long friends and learned so much that has prepared me for real life, in my career and faith. The subjects adapt to my desired career path and allow me to prepare for the industry in many practical ways such as writing a resume, practising audition etiquette and learning practical skills for teaching both instrumentally and in a classroom. Tabor is the place to be if you want to be supported and uplifted in any career path you choose. - Caitlin, singer &  saxophonist.

                At Tabor I’ve enjoyed being taught by kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging lecturers, and having classes with friendly and supportive students. I look forward to doing the rest of the various subjects the Bachelor of Music has to offer, and I’m excited to become prepared and equipped to work professionally in the music industry. - Olivia, singer

                Ty, pianist, Bachelor of Music

                “Life at Tabor Music has been incredible and has allowed me to develop both my musicianship skills and my personal identity. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to explore a wide range of genres and different types of music, through both ensemble playing and course studies. The student support services, as well as the friendly lecturers and peers, have helped make my transition from high school to university comfortable and enjoyable. 🎼

                I would recommend Tabor Music for any musician who wants to develop their skills while thriving in a supportive and friendly environment!”

                Throughout the past few years, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at Tabor. It feels like my second family, and it is such a privilege to be working with people of similar musical backgrounds and tastes. Being a rock musician, I have found the transitions to other genres to be incredibly rewarding and the lecturers have been so helpful along the way. - Jake, guitarist

                Life at Tabor has been a lot of fun and everyone is like one big family. With the help from the great lectures whome have pushed my musicianship sky high, encouraged my performance skills and created a space where I love coming to classes. I have enjoyed the experience in different types of genres. I would recommend to anyone who wants a family-like experience and great community here, to study at Tabor. - Angus, singer.