• About Music at Tabor

    Why Study Music at Tabor? 

    Tabor has a growing music program preparing students to be career-ready.  We offer study options part-time or full-time in VET (certificate), Bachelor and Post-Graduate programs. The music department at Wayville pride themselves on their supportive and community environment embedded with academic excellence.

    An advantage about studying music at Tabor is the option to study a wide range of music. Students can perform in a range of genres such as pop, jazz, classical, contemporary, musical theatre, rock, composition and more. A wide range of ensembles are offered such as choirs, a Cappella singing groups, chamber groups, and bands. Students are also encouraged to learn a new instrument at Tabor, where they can up skill their instrumental music ability.

    Tabor have a real focus on preparing our students for their actual careers, providing skills, opportunities and an educational focus that make our students confident and career ready.

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    Example Music Subjects:

    • Performance - Masterclass, Large Ensembles, Small Ensembles, Instrumental Music Lessons (included in course fees)
    • Music Theory and Aural
    • Composition
    • Music for Teachers (Music Education)
    • Music History and Instrumentation
    • Kodály Music Education (AKC)
    • Music for Worship

    - Students can also take up subjects in other areas across the main campus or through cross-institutions

    - Students can study part-time, full-time, or choose individual subjects.

    - Interested in becoming a classroom teacher of music, a great pathway is the BA then M.Teach (or M.ED), as many schools are now requiring graduates to have a Masters degree and this way you specialise in music, which is attractive for employers. You can also pick up a second area of specialisation like Home-Ec, Maths, P.E, English or subjects from other institutions like French! 

    Typical opportunities and activities in music at Tabor:

    • Music Tours
    • Educational school trips
    • Gigs and paid performance connections
    • Instrumental music teaching (paid)
    • Student Leadership Committees
    • Learning a second instrument (free of charge)
    • Competitive ensembles
    • Community based ensembles
    • Large scale performances within Tabor and the wider community
    • Social activities! Games nights, Karaoke nights, lunches, and pub/cafe drinks.

    Some of the achievements and awards of our music students over the past year
    • First, second and honourable mentions in Eisteddfods and Young Composer Awards
    • National music competitions for ensembles
    • Professional Pathways Mentorship with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 
    • Elite gigs such as at the World Teachers Day Awards and education conferences
    • Instrumental music coordinator in schools
    • Establishing successful small businesses
    • Kodály Music Scholarships
    • Lead roles in community musical theatre

    • Audition Process, Theory & FAQ

      BOOK NOW to audition for undergraduate music study at Tabor in 2019.

      Audition early to see whether we can offer you a place in 2019 *

      * Subject to ATAR and audition success.  *Audition must be supplemented with SATAC application. To apply for entry into music, please go to SATAC (http://www.satac.edu.au/undergraduate-explore) and search for course code 5A0406

      Auditions are taking place in Wayville, Mt Gambier and Port Lincoln. Interstate or country applicants can audition via video submission.

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      >  Audition Process document and Frequently Asked Questions 

      > Common pathways for degree entry 

      Theory Assessment Information

      The theory assessment is just a guide to see where you are at. Please do not stress if you cannot do parts of this assessment. It is merely a guide so we can stream students.

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      Email: jfletcher@adelaide.tabor.edu.au   or   Phone: 08 8373 8777

      • Location: Wayville

        The Music program have their own facility located at 68 Greenhill Road Wayville.  The facility is equipped for musicians with practice rooms, music software and equipment. The main campus of Tabor is only a few minutes drive down Goodwood Road. 

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        • Contact Details

          Phone: 08 8373 8777

          Tabor Main Campus Email: enquiry@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

          Music Department Email: music@tabor.edu.au

          Music Location: 68 Greenhill Road Wayville, South Australia.

          Music Coordinator, Dr Janelle Fletcher: jfletcher@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

          Facebook: Tabor Music Department

          Instagram: tabor_music

          Blog: Noteworthy 

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          • Noteworthy Blog

            Noteworthy Music Education Blog

            Music Education Blog from Tabor. Music education advice and tips, educator interviews, student insights as well as the latest update on Tabor Music.

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            • Resources for teachers and students

              For free resources, worksheets, explanation sheets, videos and more:

              LINK TO PAGE

              Also check out our Facebook: Tabor Music Department, Instagram: tabor_music, and YouTube: Music Tabor

              • Music Showcase 2017 - Video Clip

                • Fringe Event: GLOW

                  Tickets now on sale via FringeTix

                  >> A not to be missed FRINGE event. << 

                  Purchase tickets HERE

                  From the music of James Brown and Stevie Wonder to the funky tunes of Michael Jackson, this performance will get you grooving.

                  This isn’t any normal performance, everything will glow in the dark! 

                  Be mesmerised by the surrounding that make this musical experience a magical one.

                  — Note: this performance will be pitch dark with luminous lights.



                  8:00pm, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th, and Friday 15th of March 2019. 

                  NEW SHOWS ADDED!! Saturday 16th March 3pm and 8pm. 

                  The Jerringham Room, The Lion Hotel.

                  161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide. 

                  Limited number of tickets available. 

                  Wheelchair accessible. 

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                  • Summer Music Theory Course

                    Summer Music Theory Short Course

                    Brush up on your skills ready for the year

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                    A crash course of music theory from the beginner level to advanced

                    Certificate provided

                    Booklet of notes and resources provided

                    Ideal for:

                    • Those entering university for music
                    • Preparation for tertiary music theory assessments and AMEB theory/musicianship exams
                    • Year 11/12s music students in preparation for the year
                    • Musicians who want to further their practical experience with theoretical knowledge 
                    • Those who are passionate about music and want to learn more. 
                    • Those considering entering Tabor's music program and require a pass in the theory assessment


                    • Note reading in bass, treble, tenor and alto clef
                    • Key signatures, scales and circle of fifths
                    • Triads and chords
                    • Basic harmony
                    • Aural
                    • Musical Analysis
                    • Using Sibelius notation software
                    • Harmony style: Jazz (contemporary) and Classical (traditional) styles will be simultaneous taught
                    Style of teaching:

                    • Lecture style supported with practical examples and activities
                    • Supportive environment
                    • Resources provided
                    • Computers and Sibelius notation software provided
                    • Study space, music resources and wifi provided


                    • 5 sessions at 2 hours each
                    • Total of 10 hours
                    • 24th, 28th and 31st January, and, February 4th and 7th


                    • $11 per hour (2 hour sessions)
                    • Only $110 per person for all sessions and resources. (This course has been subsidised for 2019)
                    • This price will only be for 2019.

                    Registrations via Eventbrite:

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                    Note : There is a minimum number of participants required, and there is a maximum number capped. 

                    • A Cappella Choir Auditions

                      >> Application Form <<

                      The Tabor Singers are a local a Cappella auditioned choir consisting of Tabor students, past students and community members. The choir perform at high level events including national competitions. Recently the Tabor Singers received top 8 in Australia for the National A Capella Awards. Each year the Tabor Singers re audition (open to the public) for a spot in this small elite choir. 

                      >> Auditions are March 4th 2019, between 6-9pm << (choose a slot on application form) at Tabor Music Department, 68 Greenhill Road Wayville.  Rehearsals will be Monday evenings 6:30pm - 9:30pm.  Additional rehearsals or sectionals may be required closer to competition time.

                      Due to the elite and competitive nature of this choir, willingness to do personal practice each week prior to Monday evening rehearsals is essential. Choir members will need to learn their parts provided to them in their own time, then come collectively on Monday evenings to rehearse.

                      What to prepare for the audition:

                       Two songs of contrasting style to be sung a Cappella. This can be anything that is contemporary, jazz or barbershop. The music is to be sung without backing tracks or accompaniment however you are welcome to get your first note on the piano. The music does not have to be written for a Cappella style - it is really just to hear you sing - your tone and pitch. Please ONLY prepare about 30 seconds (ish)  of each song. So you will sing approximately 1 minute (or thereabouts) of your own choice songs.

                      - Given song - Bang Bang -  Using the attached score, please prepare and sing for us which ever part best suits your vocal range.  We will also ask you to sing some of the solo melody line so please prepare that (at your preferred pitch) [with the exception of vocal percussionists - you will just sing a part plus do a beat for us]. You will be given your starting note. This song was covered by the SoCal Vocals. You can hear there recording via this link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP8YptxYKUo  (copy and paste into your url) starting at 9 mins and 16 seconds. This will also give you a good example of how our choir perform.   The Tabor Singers performed this song last year at the National A Cappella competition.

                      - Sight-reading / harmony - No need to prepare for this. We will sing you a song and ask you to sing it back to us or we will get you to sing something in harmony with us to see how you go at holding pitch. (Nothing scary!)

                      About the choir and styles of music:

                      - The choir are typically 50% Tabor music students or graduates and 50% community members. Last year the choir was SSAATB and vocal percussion. However this varies depending on applicants.

                      - Age range is typically under 40 however there is no restrictive age

                      - Music is all a Capella and styles are pop, jazz, barbershop, and contemporary styles. Similar choral groups include: The Harvard Callbacks or The SoCal Vocals. (see on youtube or spotify)

                      - Sheet music is provided and is in four or five part harmony (often with audio recording of parts)

                      - The choir typically works toward the National a Cappella competition in Melbourne in September (over three days).

                      - With the contemporary nature of the music, the choir has movement that accompanies their singing (simple choreography).

                      - Events: The main event is our National a Cappella competition in Melbourne around September. Other events include Carols at the end of year, Tabor Music Showcase in November and  one or two other local events as they arise.

                      - Costs: This choir has NO weekly costs. However, you will be required to make purchases or contribute to general choir expenses along the way ie) sheet music, copyright fees etc. You will also be required to purchase (and organise) a choir uniform and pay your own expenses for the Melbourne tour.  We try to keep costs down and often do fundraising events throughout the year.

                      What are we looking for?

                      - Someone who has the time to commit to learning music prior to rehearsals

                      - Someone who is committed to the choir, dedicated to weekly rehearsals and events

                      - A team player who is enthusiastic, has energy and would fit our culture of a contemporary and "aca-family' a Capella choir

                      - Someone who has read all of the above smile 

                      Still interested or know someone who would be keen?  Just fill out the application form and we will get back to you. 

                      For questions: please email music@tabor.edu.au   or  ring Tabor 8373 8777 and ask for the Music Department.