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    Tabor are offering a brand new degree commencing in 2020, the Bachelor of Music.

         If you want to feel prepared, knowledgeable and equipped to thrive in the music industry, then Tabor’s brand new Bachelor of Music is for you. We focus on the skills and knowledge you need for a wide range of music careers. We developed this degree over several years of speaking to students, graduates and industry experts about ideal employees; we gathered feedback from academics, schools, community members and real musicians and designed a Bachelor of Music that is exceptional, contemporary, and relevant.   >>  Click here to register for an audition  <<

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      >>  Audition Process document and Frequently Asked Questions 

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      • Contact Details


        Tabor Main Campus Email: enquiry@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

        Music Department Email: music@tabor.edu.au

        Head of Music, Dr Janelle Fletcher: jfletcher@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

        Facebook: Tabor Music Department

        Instagram: tabor_music_adelaide

        YouTube: Music Tabor

        • Location: Wayville

          ** Update ** New building planning is underway and hopefully will be ready for mid 2021

          The Music program have their own facility located at 68 Greenhill Road Wayville.  The facility is equipped for musicians with practice rooms, music software and equipment. The main campus of Tabor is only a few minutes drive down Goodwood Road.  

          Our facilities at Wayville include:

          • Lots of practice rooms with keyboard/pianos in each room
          • Microphones, amps, PA and recording equipment
          • Computer room with midi keyboards, complimentary printer and copier
          • Two kitchens
          • Lecture rooms and performance spaces
          • Small library (bigger library at main campus)
          • Two meeting/board rooms
          • Instruments for use such as amps, guitars, woodwind, brass, percussion etc. 



          • Resources for teachers and students

            For free resources, worksheets, explanation sheets, videos and more:

            LINK TO PAGE

            Also check out our Facebook: Tabor Music Department, Instagram: tabor_music, and YouTube: Music Tabor

            • Practice Theory and Aural Assessment

            • Short Courses

              Some of our subjects are open to the public to take up as professional development, audit or take a single subject under our Bachelor of Music and then decide later whether you would like to use it as part of the degree, or use it as credit for other courses such as Cert III, Cert IV or Diplomas.