• Support Staff

    Student Success and Well-being Support

    Adam Klimkiewicz
    Student Support and Success Coach (Adelaide campus)
    Email: aklimkiewicz@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

    Academic Support

    Amy Chesser
    Academic Support and Success Coach 

    Email: achesser@adelaide.tabor.edu.au

    Meet Adam Klimkiewicz and Amy Chesser and learn more about how they can support you by following this video link:

    Intro to Tabor Support and Success Coaches.mp4


    Life Design Counselling
     is a counselling service available to all students at Tabor, with the first three sessions being completely free. Read more here.

    On campus and online
    Email:           life-design@adelaide.tabor.edu.au
    Website:       http://life-design.com.au
    Phone:          8373 8707


    Please note, if you have critical concerns about, and require support with, your own or others' safety and/or well-being on campus, please report this below. This includes the online sphere, such as if you have experienced cyber abuse. 
    Critical Incident Report Form