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Using Sibelius Notation Software Add a file or URL Sibelius Instruction documents
General Theory Resources Folder Middle School Harmony/Melody/Arranging Exercises

Instructions:- Download the folder and unzip, saving all files to the same folder.

You will find a .sib and corresponding .htm file. If you have Sibelius 5, 6, or 7 open the .sib file. The exercises can be completed in sibelius.

If not then open the .htm file. You will need to download the free SCORCH software. The link to the software will be on the bottom of the .htm page you open. Note the browsers that SCORCH supports and use one of them to open the .htm files. These will play and print, but the activity will not be possible except on paper.

All of these exercises have been used with middle school music students, years 7 - 10 in class and  individual progression programs.

- Dr Virginia Lakeman

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SACE Music Resources Add a file or URL 6 points of style plus 1
Add a file or URL Report and Evaluation Examples
Add a file or URL Musicianship notes including Harmony
Add a file or URL Jazz Harmony exercises
File Teaching Aural: Tips and Advice

Teaching Aural advice and tips for ASME SA Conference "SACE SPACE"

Add a file or URL Score analysis
Folder Musicianship Exam Answers
Folder Musical Styles/ Genres of Music
Folder Music Studies

Materials found in this folder are not approved by SACE, but have been offered by practicing teachers or others as an aid to teaching the subject. Submissions are welcome as are comments and corrections.

Printable Resources Folder Music Quotes
Folder Music Terms
Folder Careers in Music
File Oral Presentations

Oral presentation advice 

File Music cheat sheet poster