• Campus and Cyber Safety

    Tabor takes student safety very seriously. The below is a summary of the reporting and support/emergency pathways to lean on in the context of campus and cyber safety.

    > If you have witnessed or experienced an act of sexual harassment or assault, please report here: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Report Form. Or speak to Adam Klimkiewicz (Tabor's Student Support and Success Coach - aklimkiewicz@adelaide.tabor.edu.au) or Tracey Curran (HR Manager - tcurran@adelaide.tabor.edu.au), who are both trained respondents. Or perhaps you would prefer to approach the student services team or your faculty administrator.

    > If you have any other critical concerns about your own or others' safety and/or well-being on campus or online, please report here: Critical Incident Report Form

    A note on cyber safety:  Please report incidences of cyber abuse to our Student Support and Success Coach: aklimkiewicz@adelaide.tabor.edu.au. You may also choose to make use of the above Critical Incident Report Form. Tabor promotes the Federal Government’s esafety.gov.au initiative for helpful information on reporting cyber abuse and cyberbullying. This website also lists crisis support contacts.

    A note on after-hours campus safety:  After hours, we encourage students to leave campus with a friend, particularly during the winter months when darkness hits early. 

    > Please call 000 in an emergency.