• Life Design Counselling

    cost-free link to student well-being at Tabor.

    Life Design is a counselling service that can be accessed both via Zoom and in-person at either the Adelaide or Perth campuses. The team of postgraduate student counsellors under professional supervision are committed to supporting Tabor students on their wellbeing journey.   

    Perhaps most importantly, Life Design is now offering each Tabor student three free sessionsof counselling, with discounted rates to follow.  

    Visit www.life-design.com.au to learn more about the Life Design Counsellors.   

    To make an appointment, contact:  


    08 8373 8707 (Adelaide & Perth)  


    Please note, if you have critical concerns about, and require support with, your own or others' safety and/or well-being on campus or online, please report this below.
    Critical Incident Report Form