Here are some diverse examples of how some aspect of Christian faith or spirituality can be bought to life on the page.

In most cases, the Christian content is far from obvious. Rather, each story creatively and imaginatively engages the reader with characters and events in which we see (and feel) how God was at work through some lived experience. Sometimes there's a flash of insight, or an important truth is subtly revealed, sometimes a question is posed, or else a glimmer of hope may be introduced after a long season of doubt.

Remember, the best religious writing manages to avoid being preachy or predictable. Whatever faith experience you have in mind to write about, think about how all the storytelling elements featured on this resource page (e.g. character, plot, dialogue, description etc) can help you grab the reader's attention, get them to think and feel along with the characters, and so make a lasting impact.

Entertaining Angels - Danielle Carey

A Visitation - James Cooper

The Birds are Back - Cathie Sercombe

Twice Saved - Mark Worthing

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