Section Name Description
Page How to be a writer

Some thoughts on becoming a writer - Dr James Cooper

Page Recommended Reading

A list of recommended texts on the art of writing fiction, poetry and nonfiction.

Page Useful Links

A list of links to useful writing and Christian arts resources on the web

Page For Schools and Teachers

An overview of the importance of creative writing in schools and how Tabor can serve as a resource for students and teachers

Finding Ideas & Getting Started Page Getting and Staying Creative
Page Writing Short Stories

Some basic advice about the art of writing short stories

Life Writing Page True Stories Well Told
Add a file or URL Real Life Characters

Good artcle about the importance of turning your real life subjects into compelling characters

Add a file or URL Lee Gutkind on the ethics of creative nonfiction
Getting into Character Page Characters in Context (where all good stories begin)
Add a file or URL Character Writing Tips - Melissa Donovan

Some great tips on crafting characters from the Writing Forward website...

Add a file or URL 11 Character Description Secrets - Rachel Scheller

A great overview of how to bring your characters to life on the page, from the Writers Digest website...

What's the Story? Page On Finding (and not losing) the Plot
Add a file or URL Goal, Motivation, Conflict (Example)

An example of the Goal-Motivation-Conflict method of character mapping devised by Debra Dixon

Writting Effective Dialogue Page Deepening Character and Advancing the Plot
Add a file or URL Dialogical Dilettantes

a pithy lesson by example of how to handle dialogue

Add a file or URL E. Mack on Writing Dialogue

A great series of articles on formatting and mastering dialogue

Descriptive Writing Page The Art of Descriptive Writing

On concrete versus abstract writing, showing and telling when writing emotion, and the importance of simile and metaphor.

Add a file or URL Mark Nichol - 20 Great Similes from Literature
Add a file or URL Melissa Donovan - 10 Ideas for Descriptive Writing
Editing & Revision Page Overview
Add a file or URL Guide to Setting Out Prose Fiction

Here is a basic guide to formatting the text of a story to make it look professional and presentable.

Add a file or URL Punctuation Overview

A basic overview of the most frequently encountered punctuation marks in creative prose, and how and when to use them.

Add a file or URL 33 Misunderstood Words & Phrases
Writing the Faith Page Possibilities & Pitfalls
Page Faith Writing Examples

Here are some diverse examples of how an aspect of Christian faith or spirituality can be bought to life on the page.

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