Your unit sites will vary to some extent, but there will be common features.  

All unit sites will have the main section and smaller separate sections accessible via Blocks and the Burger menu


Blocks are found on the right-hand side of a unit site.

  • Teaching Staff - Displays lecturer and tutor details.
  • Activities - Shortcuts to your Assignment, Quiz, Forum and Resource links.
  • Latest Announcements - Displays the the most recent Announcement Forum posts
  • Student Academic Tool Kit - Information and link to the Student Academic Tool Kit site.
  • Calendar - Important dates if documented will display here.

Burger menu 

When you are on your unit site, clicking on the burger menu (top-left of the site) will give you access to:

  • Participants - You can view a list of other students studying the unit.
  • Grades - You can view your assessment grades for the unit here
  • My Courses - You can navigate to your other units from here

Main Section

Unit sites will have a tile layout. Each tile, when clicked on, will display more information.

Tiles are categorised to assist with navigation. Most unit sites will have a tile for each Lecture/Topic Week as well as a tile for Assignment submission(s).

The Unit Description is generally found at the top of the site. It should be the first document open and read through. It contains content and outcomes of the unit, main text book(s) and wider reading list, assignment work and due dates.

Each Lecture Week/Topic tile normally contains a lecture audio, lecture notes and readings which the lecturer wants you to access for that week. 

There may be other activities such as forum discussions, quizzes, etc within these tiles too. You will work through the content of each week as guided by the lecturer.

Each content link is represented by an icon (Icon table below)

Note. The unit site may have all weeks displayed at once, or the lecturer may open each week as the semester progresses

Icon Table

These are the most common visual icons representing the content on each unit site.

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