Assessment Information

Teachers use assessments to measure your understanding of a subject's learning outcomes. The Unit Description provides information on each assessment - this includes:

  • Assignment name/description
  • Essential requirements (word count, due date, weighting, etc.)
  • Related learning outcomes

Types of Assessments

There are a number of different assessments you may be asked to complete:

  • Written assignments:
    • Essays
    • Book reviews
    • Reports, eg. on a visit to an organisation, or on some research undertaken by the student
    • Case studies
    • Reflective journals
(See Student Academic Tool Kit for more information on each item)
  • Group assignments  - may be submitted via a Wiki, or via Group assignment
  • Quizzes - via the quiz tool in Tabor Online
  • Lessons - via the lesson tool in Tabor Online
  • Forum discussions -  or question and answer forums
  • Offline assignments:
    • Participation in live forums or class activity
    • Creative projects
    • Offline Portfolios
    • Class presentations
    • Counselling sessions
    • Skills demonstrations

Grading Schema:

See the Student Academic Tool Kit for more information on what is required for each assessment item.