Your Tabor Online unit sites will be made available to you during Orientation Week (the week before the semester starts). You can check the Academic Calendar as to when this date is.

Note. Some unit sites may be accessible to the students earlier than this, if the lecturer has their site ready, or in the case of an intensive before start of semester. 

You will find that there are various way to access your unit(s) so it will come down to personal preference. The most common options are listed below:

  1. Once logged into Tabor Online, click on your name in the top-left hand corner, and select Dashboard from the drop-down list.
  2. Click on School & Unit Listing from the Tabor Online main menu, and select Your own current units.
  3. Click on the 'burger menu'  (top left of Tabor Online) and your unit sites will be displayed under My courses.

If you do not see your unit(s) site, by the end of Orientation week and you haven't heard from your lecturer, please see your Faculty Administrator; or send a Helpdesk ticket.