If you're making a forum post, submitting an online assignment, or entering text into a Wiki, Online Lesson, etc. you will be presented with a textbox in Tabor Online. Sometimes you might already have some text that was produced in another program (e.g MS Word or Docs) and you're looking to transfer that content into a textbox within Tabor Online. It's important that this is done in the correct way, as otherwise incompatible text coding is carried over, which can cause significant problems, eg. the text may become scrambled, making it difficult/impossible to read.

To do this correctly:
  • Go to the external application where you've produced your text (e.g. Word document) and copy your text.
  • Come to the answer text box, in the forum, online assignment submission spot, Wiki, etc.
  • Click on the Paste special tool in the toolbar above the text box.
  • In 1. Content to be pasted: paste your copied text.
  • At 2. Select from where the text was formatted: select Paste as unformatted text. This will strip the formatting. Note: this is the best option even if your source is a Word document, Google document, etc. Some formatting can still come across if selecting those.
  • Click Complete paste at 4. Then you can reformat your text using the text toolbar in Tabor Online
  • Complete your assignment, Wiki, forum post, etc. and Submit. 

NOTE:  If you use Ctrl + V keys to paste, rather than Right Click and Paste, this will automatically bring up the Paste special tool, so you won't forget to do this action.

Video Guide: