A private online message is correspondence between you and the message recipient only, and does not need to recipient's email address.   A message can be sent to any user in Tabor Online.  The next time the recipient logs on, a box at the bottom right hand corner will advise them that there is a message/s waiting for them.  If they are logged on at the time the message is sent, the next page they go to will show this box in the bottom right hand corner - see below, Receiving an online message.

A copy of the message will also be sent to the recipient's email address with a link to reply to the message.   Note: while one can reply to an online message via email, from one's student Gmail inbox, as the notification is also sent there, it is better to reply as on online message, as the sender may not think to check their Gmail inbox for a reply, expecting instead a reply via online messaging.  

To send a message to a student in your subject site:
  1. Go to the Participants list in your subject site: this is under the Navigation block, and under the name of the subject
  2. Note that you may also see previous messages to and from that user.
  3. Find the student, click on the student's name, and on Message button near top right of the user's profile
  4. Type your message into the message text box, and click Send message button. There is no preview available here, so take care when you type in your message, as no opportunity to edit it

Receiving an online message:
  1. If a user receives an online message, they will see this in the message alert at the bottom right hand corner when they log on.
  2. Click on Go to messages, to access the message page.  Note that clicking Ignore, will remove this alert for this log in session, but it will keep re-appearing until the user goes to their Message page.
  3. Click on the sender's name to read the message.
  4. You can reply, or just read the message; just clicking on it will clear it from the alert.  If you do not click on a sender's name, this alert will re-appear with each log in.
  5. You will also see any unopened messages in your Message block under your Dashboard.

Note:  All online messages will also appear in the recipient's Gmail inbox; this is like an alert to say: 'you have an online message and this is what it says'.   You can reply to the sender here, which will go only to their student Gmail inbox, or you can reply via the message itself, as above, which will go to the recipient as an online message.  (It is a bit confusing, so the best thing to do is try it out and see how it all works!)  

To find a previous message, sent or received:
NOTE: you will not be able to do the below action if you have any unread messages, so it is advisable to open unread messages as they arrive.
  1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Messages, or go to the Message block.  Any unread messages will show there, with the senders' name and how many unread messages from them.   (You can reply to a message from this spot, by clicking on the sender's name). 
  2. Open all unread messages
  3. Enter the name of the person to whom you sent, or from whom you received, the message, and click Search people and messages.
  4. All past messages will appear with date; find the one you need.
  5. If necessary, send a new message at the bottom of this page.

To send a message to someone who is not in your subject site: 
  1. Follow the steps above, and when you find the user it will appear as in the image above.  
  2. Click on user's name, and type your message in the text box
  3. Click Send message.

Last modified: Friday, 1 September 2023, 9:53 AM