► It is important to note that extension requests must be submitted BEFORE the assignment due date.
► Do not ask your lecturer for an extension.

Extension Process

  • Extension Request form to be submitted before or on the assignment due date.
  • Upload evidence to support your application and advise reason for extension. 
  • Student and lecturer are notified of the decision. Please note if you do not put your lecturers email address in correctly, they will not be notified of the extension. 
  •  If approved, no marks will be deducted. 
  •  If not approved late penalty applies as per below: - 
    The percentage penalty is applied to the total grade possible for the assignment (e.g. an assignment that is graded at 70/100 but is 5 days late attracts a 10% penalty, therefore 70 – 10 = 60% becomes the final grade).  

Number of days late Penalty as % of total possible grade Marks deducted
1-3 5% -5
4-7 10% -10
8-14 20% -20
15 or more Not Marked Refer to Head of Program

If you have any questions about this process then please contact your faculty administrator who will be happy to help.