Adelaide Campus Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi has recently been upgraded (28/04/23) and we now offer faster download and upload speeds on campus. The network security has also improved and as a result, you will be required to re-login to the Wi-Fi to access these benefits.

  1. Before you reconnect, you will need to find TaborDevices on your phone/laptop and select Forget Network.

    (Instructions on how to Forget Network here). Once you have done so, you can progress to the steps below.

  2. Find and click the Wi-Fi connection name: TaborDevices

  3. Login in with the following credentials
    Username/Identity: your Tabor student email address (Example.
    Password: your Tabor Online password (this is initially your 8-digit date of birth unless you have changed it)

  4. The following steps will differ for different devices.
    • For Apple and Laptops, when a certificate appears, please Accept or Trust.
    • For Android devices, you will need to select None for Phase 2 Authentication and CA certificate before proceeding.

  5. You should now be connected successfully.