Important notice: As of September 15th 2023, Microsoft will begin prompting users who authenticate using SMS and voice methods to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app when they sign into their Tabor Online account. This change will take place on a rolling basis over the course of 6 weeks as part of ongoing efforts to improve security.

Setup Instructions (please have both your phone and computer available for this setup):

1) If you see the following screen upon logging into Tabor Online, this will indicate that you need to setup the Microsoft Authenticator app. Click Next.

2) You will be taken to the 'Start by getting the app'  page on your computer. Before you click Next, pull out your phone and install the Microsoft Authenticator onto your device.

Note. This app is FREE and does not require a subscription fee. If you are unsure, download via the certified links below.

  • Android users can search and install the app from Google Play.
  • iPhone users can search and install the app from Apple Store.

3) After installing the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone, click Next on 'Start by getting the app' page.

4) You will see the following 'Set up your account' page. You will need to stay on this page (we will revisit this screen in Step 7 below) while you configure the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

5) Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

  • Please enable notifications (you will be prompted)
  • Please agree to the Privacy Statement

6) Once you progress to this screen below on your phone, select Scan a QR Code (you will be prompted to allow camera access)

7) Return to your computer, and on the 'Set up your account' page, click Next.

8) This will take you to the 'Scan the QR code' page. Scan the code displayed on your computer with your Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. After doing so, click Next.

9) Your computer will now display the 'Let's try it out' page allowing you to test if the authentication works. A 2-digit code will appear on your computer.

10) A notification will simultaneously be sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone to prompt you to type this 2-digit code on your phone. Once the code is correctly entered in on your phone, the computer will indicate that the test was successful.

Setup is now complete : )

In the future, a notification will now be sent to your Microsoft Authentication app on your phone to authenticate your Tabor Online logins (with no affiliation to your phone number).