1. What is Mahara and where to access it?

What is Mahara?

Tabor offers Mahara as a digital portfolio tool for students and alumni.  An ePortfolio is a system in which students collate evidence of their lifelong learning. These can include journals, resumes, cover letters, essays/reports, artwork/images, certificates, videos etc.  e-Portfolios rely on digital media to make them engaging.  Utilising the features and functions of Mahara in interesting and creative ways will go a long way towards your audience engaging with it.

At Tabor, Mahara is also used at times as a alternative method of delivering the student's assessment.

Where do I access Mahara within Tabor Online?

Once logged into Tabor Online, you can access Mahara e-portfolio via Student Resources on the main menu (as per screenshot)

Where to access Mahara

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