• Getting Started

    New to Tabor Online? Visit our introductory site!

    This site provides information on how to navigate Tabor Online (our online learning environment). It also contains a list of handpicked resources that will help get you ready for your studies, including; induction videos, guides, FAQ's, and a practice area where you can submit a test assignment, forum post, or quiz - all consequence-free!

    How to access the site: 

    First, close this pop-up window, then click your name in the top left-hand corner and select Dashboard (see screenshot below). From there scroll down and open the site labelled "Introduction to Tabor Online".

    Can't access the site? You will need to make sure you've logged in first.

    Click the "Log in" link at the top left-hand side of this site. Your login details can be found in your Acceptance email. For more help with logging in, click here.